WildStar: Update Notes – BUILD 6745.4: 6/26/2014

WildStar Scheduled downtime today included a patch with the few changes found below.

Posted by: Delakron

  • Fixed an issue where quest spells were not showing up on the Quest Tracker as they were intended.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented vendor’s “Repair All” button from working.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Stalker’s “Last Stand” to trigger more than intended after they were healed prior to dying.

Also in the thread by Delakron:

Hey guys!

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that hotfixes naturally are not large in scope. Instead, they are special deployments with a laser-sharp focus to address a particular set of issues.

More fixes (or ones that require a lot of code change) are handled in Weekly Patches, which require a completely new build version. Essentially, a longer pipeline.

And beyond that, we have Content Drops. This is what the up-coming Strain Ultra Drop is. And it’s bringing with it hundreds of changes! (You should go check out our PTR!)

Cougar has a pretty detailed post explaining all the nitty-gritty bits for those of you who are inclined for some late night reading.

And in response to the long downtime for three fixes once again the diligent Delakron:

Thank you for understanding!

The longer than normal downtime is also due to some database maintenance that we needed to carry out, as well. Downtimes can include hardware and database work that is not listed in patch notes as there’s no user-facing changes. We’re trying to be quick, though!

Also for folks expecting more fixes, Delakron has a response for that too:

The upcoming Content Drop contains hundreds of fixes too, not just new content. But new bugs are an inevitable fact of software development (but you can help minimize these by helping us test on the Public Test Realm). ^_^




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