WildStar: Play the PTR and Earn Boom Boxes

WildStar-Strain Do you want to check out the new content? Do you currently have a level 50 character on any live server? Well Carbine wants to tempt you with live server Boom Boxes as a bonus of doing some hands on testing of the new Strain content!

Posted by Raijinn:

Boom boxes go BOOM!

We need your help on the PTR Cupcakes! Now you all know that good help don’t come cheap, so we’re willing to pay you for your services!

For any quests completed in Blighthaven and Northern Wastes while the PTR is active, you can earn yourself some boom boxes.

The details are tricky, so pay attention –

  • You will receive a boom box for every quest for the first five quests
  • After those five quests, you’ll receive one boom box every fifth quest completed
  • This a total maximum earning of 14 boom boxes!
  • All boom boxes can be earned from the time that the PTR was made public, on June 19th, until we patch the content that you’ve been testing, to the live servers.

So whaddaya say? All boom boxes earned will be added to accounts on the LIVE servers approximately one week or so after we go live with the tested content.

Also Posted by Raijinn:


Boost NPC’s are available to those who have reached level 50 on a Live Realm. We recently did a new pull of this data to get in a new batch of level 50’s and grant them access to the Boost NPC’s, so if you’ve reached level 50 prior to 12:00PM PDT on 6/23 you will be flagged with Boost NPC access on the PTR.

For details on the PTR, check out this thread.

We’re also holding an event on the PTR to check out the Strain content, you can find information on the event in this thread!

So if you were level 50 before the cutoff, might be time to download and install the PTR client and help Carbine test out the new content, earning some sweet loot for yourself while you’re at it cupcakes! Don’t forget you also get a chance to hang with the Devs during the live event.


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