WildStar: New Housing Plots, Dyes, Mounts and More

WildStar-Strain So guys and Gals, the latest info on the Strain Uldtradrop covers the sweet, sweet loot you’ll be able to get your hands on when you delve into the new Strain Ultradrop content slated for release the beginning of next month.

Ready for a teensy bit of hype? Well head on over to the Strain Uldtradrop page and take a look at what’s in store, or get a quick rundown below.


  • Looking for some ghastly Decor? Well you’ve seen nothing yet. How about blinking eyes and Strain Spawners. No joke.
  • What about new plugs? Oh my yes! How about a gaping maw on your plot that looks like a pupletastic version of the thing that ate Boba Fett?


  • Love that Strain look and want to rock it in your wardrobe. Yeah, they’ll have you covered. Literally.


  • Can’t find just the right blue, well guess what, here’s another three hues coming right at you!


  • Cheer and dance not enough for you? How about something busting out of your chest Aliens style. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


  • A new biggie in my book of course, a new Strain themed hoverboard. Float over everything in Strain style with your own infected hoverboard.

Mount Flair:

  • Also new strain themed mount flair. Pimp out your ride with a little infectious love.

Check this all out on the PTR!

Remember to hit up the PTR tomorrow (June 27), if you want to have a hands on with the devs. Keep in mind you had to have a level 50 on or before June 12 to participate currently, but I’m sure they’ll be streaming for the rest of us.


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