WildStar: Sinking into Spellslinger One Healshot at a Time

Chua Just Want to Have FUn
Chua Just Want to Have Fun

Say hello to my new Spellslinger Surley. I’m working on leveling this happy little guy with my Husband’s Chua Engineer tank in training and our guildmate Grizrant’s pink Chua Medic.

It’s been a blast in all senses of the phrase.

This little guy is an open world hybrid with a couple dps skills (without cooldowns), Gate (to get away from things quickly) and helpful heals and protection skills.

Using “Spell Surge” just when I need to is still a work in progress. Though having it bound to a mouse button makes it a lot easier to toggle on and off so I only use it when I need it.

I think I like the heals on the Spellslinger even more now that I’ve played the other two classes for a bit. I have a 50 Medic that is fun for DPS, but the heals just don’t do it for me. I played Esper to 17 and while I might go back to that class at some point, right now there’s a lot about it that just doesn’t suit me. Nothing against the class, just not my thing.

The Spellslinger on the other hand gives me that wonderful ADHD all over the place feeling right along with the ability to do what I enjoy doing. What is that you might ask? Well contributing a teensy bit in damage along with doing some solid healing. That is in the open world of course, not in dungeons. That’s full heals time.

Not sure how many of those I’ll be doing for now, but we’ll see. Mostly because I just want to be out in the world enjoying myself and not deal with instant and intense instance stress.


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