WildStar: UPDATE NOTES – BUILD 6745: 6/6/2014

The Patch notes are up!

Posted by Virtue:


  • The advanced and expert riding skills are no longer learned immediately after purchasing them from either faction’s mount vendor. Moreover, the Advanced Riding Skill and Expert Riding Skill have been adjusted to Advanced Riding License and Expert Riding License respectively.
  • Purchasing either item will now give the player an item that they need to consume in order to learn the riding ability that increases mounted speed. Upon consumption, the player is now given visual feedback letting them know that they consumed the item.
  • The riding license upgrades will be reflected in the non-combat abilities window in the miscellaneous tab.
  • Players who have purchased the original riding skills will not need to purchase the riding licenses as their riding skills will have been converted to riding licenses.
  • Added a new Deluxe Eldan Gold dye for owners of the Deluxe Edition.
  • There will now be a clear indication of which riding skill tiers a player has learned.
  • Currency icons have been changed to make them more easily distinguishable. Optimized and improved the way environment maps are drawn. This should improve overall player framerate.
  • Fixed a bug where instance throttling was being enforced on matchmaking games.
  • A frequent client crash occurring in the spell system has been fixed. Fixed a User Server crash related to guild invites.
  • Fixed multiple AI pathing system crashes.
  • Fixed an issue with framerate stuttering that players have been reporting since the last patch.
  • Fixed occasional launcher crashes when updating the news section.
  • A rare UserServer crash should no longer occur when ignoring a neighbor.
  • The German client will now correctly initiate a whisper when choosing the option from the context menu.
  • Fixed an issue with quest sharing involving daily quests.
  • Fixed a possible way that you could accidentally exit the game after creating a new character.
  • Fixed an issue where full-screen effects were incorrectly remaining after a world transfer.
  • Fixed an issue where scripted AIs could get stuck waiting in their script in rare setups.
  • Players will now be dismounted after purchasing either tier riding skill spell from their respective mount vendors.
  • Fixed an issue where ground targeted AoE spells would always target ground at center of screen.


  • Imbuement – Slow it Down
  • Reduced the Snare power on all tiers. From 28%, 32%, 37%, 41%, 45% to 5%, 7%, 9%, 11%, 13%. Additionally reduced the duration of all tiers to 5 seconds, down from 6 seconds.




  • Fixed another bug that could cause Engineers to be flagged for PvP by their Repair Bot.


  • Shock Pulse
  • Fixed an issue with the client showing the improper cooldown time for Shock Pulse.


  • Try and Hurt Me!
  • Fixed an issue in which the AMP would not fire.
  • Fixed an issue with the stacking and tooltip to show the proper 5 stack cap



  • Fixed a bug that prevented Telekinetic Storm from dealing damage if it didn’t hit a target.


  • Superiority
  • Updated Superiority to kick in while above 70% Health instead of 100% health.



  • Rejuvenator
  • Fixed a bug where the GTAE could not be cast behind the Medic.
  • Restrictor
  • Fixed an issue where you could not fire off the second charge of Tier 8 Restrictor as long as the first charge was active.
  • Added a 0.5s internal cooldown between each use of Restrictor for tiers 4-8 to prevent cases where you would use both charges unintentionally.


  • Empowering Aura
  • Fixed an issue where two Medic’s with Empowering Aura could overwrite the other Medic’s Aura.



  • Shock & Awe
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the AMP to trigger if the Spellslinger interrupted their own cast.



  • False Retreat
  • Updated the GCD on the 2nd press so that it has a small 250ms GCD (Movement Time) so that it does not collapse before the Stalker has a chance to complete its movement while Hold to Continue casting is on.



  • Flash Bang
  • Fixed a bug where the blind was not being applied when using T8 of the ability.
  • Tremor
  • Fixed a bug where Tremor was not triggering daze or other procs.


  • Brutality Mastery
  • Fixed a bug with Brutality Mastery that caused it to fire off more than intended.



  • Rated/Practice Battlegrounds will once again award loot bags, experience, or prestige upon completion (or win) of the Rated/Practice Battleground’s public events for cross realm matches.


  • Rated Arenas will now award loot bags or prestige upon completion (or win) of the Arena’s public events.

Halls of the Bloodsworn

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused rating to decrease when leaving a Halls of the Bloodsworn match too quickly after the win.
  • A potential fix has been added to Halls of the Bloodsworn for the secondary objectives in order prevent them from being unusable at certain times.



  • Updated Mining Drill and Mining Bot raw scans to despawn its resources after three and a half minutes.


  • The Plagued Hycrest Guard on Gruesome Secrets will now respawn after the vignette plays out after a successful holdout. This should cut down on the chances of this creature getting into a stuck state.

Containment R-12

  • Vendors “Supplier Serra” and “Shopkeeper Thriftyroot” have returned from vacation and are once again selling to adventurers!

Crimson Badlands

  • Crimson Badlands – Vendors “Provisioner Omnichron” and “Trader Nexa” have returned from vacation and are once again selling to adventurers!


  • The Dominion have imposed restrictions outlawing the Corigan Doon flash mobs occasionally accompanying the “Locating the Crash Site” quest in Ellevar.
  • The Poisoned Spirit-Walker on ‘Treacherous Territory’ should clean up after each instance of the holdout, which should prevent this creature from getting into a bad state.
  • Fixed a bug with “Bug Zapper” which required the optional objective to be completed.


  • The Ravenous Fraz and Frizlets spawned during the quest “Securing Base Camp” in Farside will now properly despawn when no longer in combat.


  • The Emissary quest in Whitevale has been changed to stop players from getting stuck at various points while doing it.
  • Prime Gillsting should always properly spawn for the quest Primal Powers and Triton’s Dread.


  • The Deathbringer Kala Event has been simplified. She can now be attacked at any time except right after her defeat. She will despawn after she exits combat, after she is defeated, or in a few minutes if she is left alone in the middle of her vignette. Her flag should reset in all cases.
  • Shinequester Andro and his camouflage will no longer disappear from the Kel Ulgar bridgeway if you complete ‘The Pulverizer’ before you turn in ‘Unchained’

World Story

Revelations of Power

  • Fixed a bug where creatures in the World Story instance “Revelations of Power” would occasionally get stuck underground where they could not be killed.
  • There should no longer be grass clipping through the exanite platforms.

The Terminus Complex

  • Fixed an issue where Xarophet could become stuck, blocking progression


The Hycrest Insurrection

  • The “Healing Interface” spell used by one of “Dynamite” Dax / Chief Engineer Vortec’s robots. Now will heal 20% of a target’s max shield capacity per tick instead of 15% of a target’s health.
  • The cooldown on “Healing Interface” is now 17 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
  • There is now a 1 second initial delay before spell effects take place when the channel for “Healing Interface” begins.

War of the Wilds

  • War of the Wilds: Fixed a bug that allowed the Strategy Objective public event to start up without enabling any objectives in some cases.
  • War of the Wilds: The Strategy Objective to take energy nodes is now limited to appearing as the first side objective offered.
  • War of the Wilds: In Veteran mode there are now protections against Ancient Shrine Strategy Objectives populating when players already control all Ancient Shrines.
  • Charm Skeech now only affects three Skeech per cast and its cooldown has been increased from 20 to 50 seconds.
  • Ardent/Ignacio’s Flamethrower spell in War of the Wilds now hits in a 60 degree cone and deals less damage to non-player units.

Crimelords of Whitevale

  • Slightly increased the damage done by the Void’s Fury in the Final Stage of the Redmoon storyline for Veteran Crimelords of Whitevale.
  • Cap’n Barugh’s Flame Sheath spell has been changed to allow Cap’n Barugh to chase players down while he has it applied.
  • The radius of Cap’n Barugh’s Flame Sheath has been doubled in size, and its damage has been adjusted to be less forgiving. Barugh will now cast this once more often per encounter.
  • Players can no longer drag Captain Onghr out of his room in the Void’s Fury.



  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect minimum level restrictions to be applied to dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures in Dungeons would lose track of their target at closer distances than desired.


  • You can no longer avoid the terraformer beam in Skullcano during the Mordechai encounter.




  • Guardian Pyralos should now properly fight back when players engage him.
  • Raid Attunement steps will now properly advance while in a Raid group.

Genetic Archives

  • Phageborn Convergence
    • Deprivation DoT now only persists if the target is subdued.
  • Golgox
    • Demolish is now a tracking telegraph and is un-dodgeable.
  • Dreadphage Ohmna
    • Body Slam should no longer sometimes fail to destroy platforms.
    • Tentacles should no longer sometimes double-spawn or spawn while Ohmna is submerged.
    • Crowd control effects such as Collapse, Grapple, or Shockwave should now correctly interrupt her tentacles.
    • Ohmna should no longer sometimes double-cast an ability.
    • Ohmna should no longer sometimes reset to full health when transitioning between phases.
    • Body Slam now wipes threat from her primary target if they are outside of the telegraph.
    • Ohmna should no longer sometimes double-spawn the Ravenous Maws.
    • Ohmna now spawns a large number of tentacles immediately upon the final phase starting.
    • Body Slam damage in the final phase has been significantly increased.
    • Erupt from the Ravenous Maws should no longer cause players to fall off their threat-lists.
    • Ravenous Maws should no longer autoattack immediately upon spawning.
    • Sap Power no longer damages pets.




  • More tradeskill resources should now correctly show their name.


  • Tradeskill Vendors in capital cities, Thayd and Illium, now sell Architect Blueprints for crafting vouchers. The following blueprints can be purchased from Architect Kaspmara in Thayd and Architect Cybene in Illium:
    • Uncooked Ash Hen
    • Aurin Clock
    • Draken Cauldron
    • Cheap Seating
    • Large Training Grounds FABkit
    • Torine Battlemaiden Statue
    • Space Taco Stand
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tradeskill research achievements from being properly rewarded.
  • Fixed an issue blocking Architect Data Fragment collection for the quest “Style Eye for the Clone Guy”.


  • Increased the required ingredients of a few recipes that set lower than they should be, fixed a few cooking ingredients that weren’t showing up correctly in the Commodities Exchange, and slightly increased the price of meat.
  • Increased the required material cost for Hybrid Meal “Strange Seafood Stew” to 2 large fish from 1 for balance purposes.
  • Krogg Cuisine, formerly a Cooking Quest that rewarded Eldan Fragments, is now unsharable. Players may still turn this in if it is in their inventory, but it can no longer be taken, and can no longer be shared.


  • Reduced the crafting-profit margin for Technologist Serums/Extracts

User Interface

  • CREDD may no longer be redeemed at character select if you have an active subscription. It may still be redeemed at character select if your subscription expired or on your character in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the interaction icons on objects in the world would disappear.
  • Updated the CS Ticket UI so any tickets with the category “Bug” will open the Report Bug window. Any text the player enters in the CS Ticket window will be copied over to the Report Bug window.
  • Fixed a bug where the Group Finder Accept/Decline dialogue window reappears after clicking Accept.
  • There is now a button in the Quest Tracker to open to the map and highlight the relevant hexes again.
  • The button in the Quest Tracker to open the Quest Log has been moved to a more visible location.
  • Fixed an add-on error that was occurring whenever a player’s auction expired or was purchased off the Auction House
  • Fixed an incorrectly assigned entry in the Dorian Walker Galactic Archive and assigned the correct one.
  • Fixed a LUA error that occurs when a player enters a “>” or “<” in a guild note.
  • The lock button has been removed from chat windows. They’re now marked as requires meta key to move (Default: Control) instead.
  • Timers in the Account Services window will more accurately reflect the actual cooldown time remaining on claimable items.
  • Advanced and Expert Riding Skills will now show up as separate entries in the Non-Combat Abilities UI.
  • All chat settings are now saved and restored correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Potion selection window would not always load correctly
  • Purchasing the Advanced Riding Skill will no longer cause a LUA error to occur.
  • When you drag a spell off your bar, the UI now properly clears it and refund all points.
  • Fixed an issue where achieving a quest would not always display the quest’s completed state.
  • Occluded hostile PvP units will now report the last known position to the UI.
  • Matching game response buttons are now ActionConfirmButtons.
  • Fixed quest tracker not removing quest objectives when the objective was to complete another quest
  • C.R.E.D.D. tutorial now states that C.R.E.D.D. must be account-bound before it can be sold on the Exchange.
  • The Galactic Archive should no longer present a LUA error when viewing Skeech or Coldburrow Skeech entries.
  • A confirmation prompt should now appear when attempting to delete mail.
  • Quests in a different zone, such as a breadcrumb to a new area, now link intelligently by clicking on the Quest Tracker. It will open your map and highlight the relevant region.
  • Removed the “Leave Instance” button from the Group Finder if the group has completed the dungeon/adventure and the player is no longer in it.
  • The error messages in Auction House when bidding have been fixed and clarified (for example, when you try to bid but another player snuck in a new bid).

API Changes


  • Fixed tree control drawing and expanded tree nodes in 32bit clients.


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