WildStar: Botters and Hackers Beware the Ban Hammer Cometh

WildStarCRB_Gaffer announced that the latest patch helps Carbine “scrub the logs” to find botters and hackers for removal from the game.

Many players have become frustrated at AFK bot hackers and arena gold seller invites. Carbine is taking action to remove these elements from the game. They understand that this kind of thing seriously reduces the fun factor which they’ve worked so hard to achieve in WildStar.

Some of the folks caught up in the bans are innocent victims that have had their account hacked. Using 2-Step Authentication helps keep your account safe. If you haven’t signed up already, might want to give it a shot.

Otherwise this announcement is all win. You can see in CRB_Gaffer’s announcement that Carbine understands the player’s perspective in these two points.


(An aside, from a place of honesty here – I sincerely don’t understand the player that tries to level up by AFK botting – they make instanced Battlegrounds less fun, and we’re going to ban healthy percentages of them. This wastes money and time (both ours and theirs). And pisses you, the honest player, off. Lose-lose-lose. That being said, I don’t gotta understand the reasons behind such actions – they’re still going to get banned, we’re going to focus heavily on those going forwards.)

(Gold farmers I hate too, but at least I can understand the reasons behind their actions. They’re trying to make money by spamming, ripping off accounts, and gold, and wasting our support/dev time, which is unethical and borderline evil but at least rational. I really suggest not buying gold from them if you actually care about such things).

In WildStar if you need some extra in game funds you can buy CREDD. That is a win/win/win/win since it helps you, the player that buys it, the devs, and gives the finger to gold spammers.

If only players could get epic drops for defeating gold spamming bosses, we’d probably never see another one in WildStar again. Until that day comes we can at least put our money where our mouth is and support our game and game community instead of the bots, spammers and hackers that annoy the pants off of us on a daily basis.

Until next time I’ll be in my new skatepark. Have fun in Nexus!


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