WildStar: What Features are Your Fave 5?

Gettin' Some Air
Gettin’ Some Air

So now that everyone has had a chance to sink their teeth into WildStar, I’m posing the question of what feature of the game are your fave 5? Here’s mine just to get the ball rolling.

  1. Hoverboards – In case this isn’t obvious I love the hoverboards in WildStar. One of my long term goals in the game is to collect them all. No idea if I’ll make that happen, but hey I want to try.
  2. Housing – The housing in this game is fantastic. Seriously. It actuall serves a purpose. Your house gives you buffs, materials, consumables and lets you explore that hidden interior decorator side you never knew you had. With that being said, no two houses are the same. It’s great touring other people’s places and seeing what they’ve come up with.
  3. Crafting – The crafting in this game is not incredibly grindy. It lets you make useful gear with useful stats instead of just sucking it up and using whatever the system gives you. The customization in WildStar crafting is much better than I expected and I actually enjoy it.
  4. Stories – This could probably go higher, but I have to say that I also really enjoy the stories in WildStar. One of the biggest reasons why I leveled so fast in this game was because I actually wanted to see what came next in the story. I also love the characters Drusera, Agent Lex, that Protostar guy, and well even the characters you love to hate like some of the Luminai.
  5. Humor – This encompass a lot of the game for me. The level up announcer that makes you feel incredibly badass with every level up, the gravestone that you sometimes want to punch in the face, the zone announcer, the quest text, all of it. There are a lot of places in the story line that can give you pause, but there’s also a lot of levity and humor that keeps the game upbeat and fun. WildStar can be a seriously tough game sometimes but it doesn’t take its self too seriously and that is pretty awesome in my book.

The combat and such definitely make it into my top ten, but these are some of the features that to me, really make this game shine and have kept me coming back.

So now I’m charging you guys, fellow bloggers post it up, or leave a comment, or just ponder it over coffee while tapping together the fuzzy slippers, you know whatever. Really, what are your fave 5’s?


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8 years ago

Combat! In PvE at least – both questing and dungeons are ace.

I’ve yet to make my mind up about the whole combat and telegraphing system in PvP.

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