Expert Level Bonus
Expert Level Bonus

OK so I know a lot of people aren’t crafting in WildStar because let’s face it, it’s incredibly expensive and hey shiny mount anyone?

Thing is though Armor crafting can help you get gear that helps you maximize your DPS or Support power. By letting you slap on the right stats for your class.  You even have a chance for your crafted items to come out of the hopper with a rune slot for additional customization.

Also unlocking Expert crafting is actually pretty beneficial. Not only can you craft higher tier stuff, but you can add stats to gear that you don’t have access to until you reach Expert level.

That all translates to, “why yes I’ll have that chest piece with a heaping helping of Tech and a side of Critical Hit please!”

So if this has convinced you to get in some crafting, there are some things to keep in mind if you want to maximize your crafting potential. Crafting dailies actually help, you’ll need the vouchers to unlock the Expert Research Guides from the vendor merchants.

Doing the dailies in the different locations for your faction helps you unlock more talent points. More talent points helps your crafting by things like giving more experience, increasing the frequency of rune slots, increasing capacitor values and/or reducing materials cost. You might want to be careful how you choose your talent points, it requires crafting vouchers to reset them. So if you’re saving up your crafting vouchers for Expert Research, you may not want to blow them on resetting your talents.

Currently I’m working up to be able to unlock the the reductions on Sacred Leather or Tech Leather required when working with the Expert Research Guides for the Expert Research crafting. I still have a few dailies to go before I can get my hands on my first guide, but I’m excited to have the challenge to do so. It gives me post 50 goals in the game while helping my guild work on theirs.

Crafting will not only give me handy access to some nice level 50 gear to run around with, but having more and more Outfitter unlocks has already helped out my guild. I’ve been able to produce some pretty sweet armor for guildmates, from a support set to our intrepid dungeon runner Cassadius, a tanking upgrade for Brutesquad and a DPS set to help Skeeva pump out some damage.

Safe to say that crafting in WildStar isn’t just a gold sink. It’s pretty beneficial to get gear that has just the stats you need to maximize your potential. Especially while leveling since the quest rewards can sometimes not meet the needs of your class.

Anywho, until next time I’ll be getting a drink at the Adventurers Anonymous guild house/pub. Have fun out there!

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