Brought to you by MadHattie and the ever intrepid Burrito
Brought to you by MadHattie and the intrepid Burrito

OK so path skills. What are they? Why should you care? Also, how can you use them to help or troll your friends and party mates.

Your Path is that second choice you made in character creation that gives you a whole bunch of quests that don’t level your toon. Thing is though, Paths actually give you some extra benefits for completing them. So even if they don’t help you see that sweet sweet level up graphic (and hear the badass announcer) working on your path still benefits you.

One of the biggest Path bennies is your Path Abilities. Path Abilities have a special spot on your LAS bar (Limited Action Set) and are set to 0 (zero) by default in your hot-keys. You can only choose one Path Ability to use at any one time.

Path Abilities
Path Abilities

While some Path Abilities are more helpful outside of the Path than others (I’m looking at you Explorer), it really depends on your game style. All of the Path Abilities can be helpful here and there. Here’s what I know about them, and hopefully this info will help you use your Path Abilities to the fullest.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that these are unlocked based on PATH LEVEL not on character level. So you’re going to have to level up your Path separately from your character level to get access to these sweet sweet bennies.


The Explorer has some handy skills to help them do what they do, explore stuff. The Explorer abilities revolve around helping you get out of tricky situations or at least try to keep you from falling to your doom.


The scientist Path Abilities are super handy to help you befuddle your enemies and get around safely.


On top of being the awesome buffers that they are, Settlers are awarded with some handy quality of life Abilities. These Path Abilities are great for people that don’t want to wait to get to the mailbox, need a buff or just want to craft wherever.


The Soldier has Abilities that can help keep up the killing pace, give access to some handy temporary weapons, or help the Soldier and their mates get the heck out of dodge.

So there’s a quickie on the Path Abilities. Hopefully it’ll be helpful for folks as they level their paths and wander about Nexus.



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