Photo Courtesy of Cyei
Photo Courtesy of Cyei

Getting a guild to grow takes quite a bit of work. There’s recruiting, getting people organized and keeping people talking.

Right now I have some great members. Imagicka and Greystorm have been fantastic with keeping chat a live and working with people Ellevar. We went through our first guild Adventure with Cyei, Skeeve, Blitz, Brutesquad and myself. Last night I also did some recruiting and brought in a few new members and I’m looking forward to seeing them contribute to the guild.

We also have a temporary Guild House that is open to the public (Adventurers Anonymous). This will give us a guild hang out and meeting place. Well once we get everyone to 14 which is happening pretty rapidly.

Thanks again to Brutesquad for donating the housing items to help make the place look a lot less sparse. Now I just have to spend enough time to get it all decked out!

Right now we are just a few thousand points away from being able to pick up our first Guild Bank Tab. That is something I’m really excited about since we’ll be able to pool crafting resources, recipes, amps, gear and whatevs.

I also decided to set up a fourth rank for our guild. We had the standard three which is ok, but really it is nice to have at least the four ranks. I think I might add a fifth rank soon since I want to follow Ferrel’s advice (The Guild Leader’s Companion 2nd Edition) and have a rank for folks that aren’t quite officers, but play a significant role in the guild and perhaps fulfill a role for us. I think I have a few members that I would like to put into just such roles.

The main reason for the new fourth guild rank will be to help us limit access to the guild bank to full and contributing members. I want to give bank access to folks who help with the guild either through adding to guild influence, generally helping out with the guild or even overall giving us a positive image. Since we are a casual guild it’s not going to be about strictly raid organization so getting folks to work together to build a strong guild will take some creative thinking.

While guild perks are a great reason to get people to cooperate, just building a strong guild that keeps people wanting to log in and be part of the guild is a pretty big focus as well. WildStar as a game is great, but having folks to enjoy the game with makes it even better.

As for recruiting I have been spamming zone chat with recruiting messages, but I’m telling people that we’re looking for older folks and that we’re casual. Now I also need to amend that to say that we’re looking for people who want to help build a cooperative guild. While we have been adding members who are bringing friends with them into the guild, I also want to make sure that we meld the whole guild together.

For me it is going to be a real challenge to build a strong guild of casual players. Also a challenge in working on guild progress and not just focusing on my own character progress. Not to mention an exercise in herding cats.  am looking forward to it and I want to see Adventurers Anonymous become a fun guild.

If you are reading this and you are on Lightspire’s Dominion side feel free to contact Geistig or Brutesquad for an invite if it looks like Adventurer’s Anonymous would be ideal for you!

As for me, it’s off to work. Both in game and out! Until next time, have fun on Nexus.

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8 years ago

Good to be on board thanks for the invites! 😀

Joolz "Imagicka"
Joolz "Imagicka"
8 years ago

Cracking start for a cracking game 🙂 good to be with you