WildStar: Build 6723 Patch Notes

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Patch Highlights

  • The EULA has been updated. Read it! It’s awesome, as EULAs go.
  • Improved performance on AMD processors which are powering down because the game is not heavily using any single core by having the main thread of the game prefer to be scheduled on a single core.


  • Fixed a bug which sometimes deleted stackable items when double-right-clicking on them while the bank is open.
  • Fixed a crash in French clients when the Level Up screen appears for certain levels.
  • Fixed a Lua error that was occasionally occurring when completing a 2v2 Arena match
  • Fixed a server crash related to pathing.
  • Fixed issues with Account Friend Invites not working.


  • Improved PvP AFK detection.
  • The match timer will now appear for the defenders in Halls of the Bloodsworn.
Walatiki Temple
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to escape from the Walatiki Temple spawn room before the match started.


  • Changed the Soldier “Taste of Their Own Medicine” mission mechanics to add a damage effect.
  • The Darkspur Karaoke quest will now botch if the player removes themselves from the holdout area or if they run out of time.


War of the Wilds
  • Increased the difficulty of War of the Wilds in Veteran mode by shifting the balance between player and NPC minions slightly and allowing enemy champions to take control points somewhat more quickly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AI Champion deaths in War of the Wilds to count toward player kill to death ratio when no players were involved in the champion’s death.
  • War of the Wilds now requires completion of Commander Breza or Colonel Rakar’s strategic objectives before it will award a group gold or silver medal. One objective must be completed for a silver medal while both must be completed for a gold medal.


Ruins of Kel Voreth
  • Into the Flames can now be turned in to Toric Antevian inside the Ruins of Kel Voreth dungeon.


  • Due to Architect crafted items being a little too profitable, we adjusted the sell prices of Decor items and FABkits and adjusted the required materials for some blueprints.

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue with the quest tracker not displaying when first starting the client with only one zone story tracked quest.
  • Fixed an issue with Account Services not loading if you switch back to Character Selection.
  • Quest Tracker quest numbers now correctly update.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap and zone map would not refresh quest numbers when the “track quests by distance” option changed.
  • Removed zone filtering on Zone and Regional quests in the Quest Tracker.
  • The Quest Tracker now properly resizes entries so they do not overlap.
  • Nameplates are no longer followed with “(unité)” in the French client. Players can once again be invited by using the right click menu from player nameplates.
  • The Account Services screen won’t show up until you create at least one character.

API Changes

  • Fixed an issue where some Lua MarketplaceLib functions could cause a crash in certain cases.


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