Wildstar: Making a House a Home


So a lot of folks are getting into WildStar housing. There’s even a great cartoon over at Penny Arcade.

I’m not exception. I love the housing. Thanks to Brutesquad I even have this kick awesome kiddy pool.

A few of my other guildies are getting into it and really having fun. I’ll have to get some screenshots from them of what their houses look like once they’ve got them the way they want them.

WildStar housing isn’t just about the buffs you can get from your housing or even the goodies additions that give you gathering nodes or a crafting station.

Your house is also a place for you to show off cool stuff you’ve found around the world, to kick back and relax, or hang out with your peeps.

Bro Tip: Check reputation vendors while you’re out and about. On the Dominion side I’ve seen them in the starting spot for the questing zones like Bloodfire Village and Hycrest. These guys not only have Amps (hint hint) but they also have housing stuffs.

Oh and you may also want to either become or make friends with an Architect. While neat stuff drops in game, they can make some pretty sweet gear too.

So don’t get left behind with a lame house (like I have right now). Grab your interior decorator guildy and get to making your own kick ass crib.

If you want some ideas on cool things to do with your home more and more people are putting up pictures and videos.

Here’s a great house set up by Noxxi on Lightspire [The EU PVE-RP server we rolled on]

Pretty awesome no?

Safe to say that with a little creativity you can do a lot with your housing. So hey, just have fun with it.


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