Wildstar: Happy Launch Day and Shameless Guild Plug for Adventurers Anonymous!

Adventurers Anonymous [AA] People to hang with while trying not to have your ass handed to you.
Adventurers Anonymous [AA]
People to hang with while trying not to have your ass handed to you.

Congratulations to Wildstar for making it to launch. I am really hoping that these guys stick to their guns and that this game not only continues to be a total blast, but that it gets even better over time. As they’ve been saying “we’re just getting started.” Any game that says that at LAUNCH has a thumbs up in my book.

Seriously though, if you haven’t tried Wildstar, ask someone for a trial key and log in. If you’ve been looking for a game with some vanilla wow heart but has addictive and fast paced combat, seriously, you gotta try this.

Now on to the shameless plug:

Adventurers Anonymous!

Guild Info:

  • Server – Lightspire [EU]
  • Faction – Dominion
  • Focus – PvE – Dirty Casuals (because sometimes you just gotta get a little dirty)

While the servers are down I’ll add a shameless plug for my new guild on Lightspire [EU]. I would be in the Alliance of Awesome if I wasn’t region locked to Europe.  If you’re on the US side, check those guys out, some of the most fun peeps I’ve ever played games with.

For anyone else that is Region locked to the Euro servers that is still looking for a home, let me throw our hat in the ring.

What AA Will do for you:

  • We plan on doing a lot of group content and we enjoy running around together in not just at dungeon time.
  • We’re also helpful. If you have questions we’ll give answers if we’ve got them or we’ll try to help you find them.
  • If you want to take on that giant mob with more hit points than you thought were physically possible, we’ve got your back. We’re crazy like that.
  • If you’re into crafting and decking out your pad, we’re into it too.
  • We have a Teamspeak, so if you want to chat while running around you can. Fair warning you will be subjected to my chipmunk voice.

Who We Are

  • We’re old, meaning we have real life stuff that can take priority over the game. Though I’ll probably be in game every day (because I’m a nerd with no life) we’re not expecting everyone else to be there too.
  • We’re a grab bag of classes. We don’t care what you play so long as you’re having fun. After all, that’s what we’re all here for.
  • We’re not focusing on being the super number one awesome at the game, we just want to have fun as a group.

What About You?

If any of this sounds good to you and you’re chilling on Lightspire or haven’t picked your forever server home yet, give us a buzz. We’re not leveling super fast so if you want to take your time we’re not going to give you a hard time.

Now if you pop a skill that sends you flying back off a cliff, yeah that we’re going to snicker about it, true story. Because at least one of us has done that at least once. It happens.

Anyway, if you’re interested hit us up in game:

  • Guild Leader: Geistig
  • Co-Leader: Brutesquad [whether he likes it or not]

Yes we have more peeps than this, but it can be a pain in the can to get them to all to stand still for 5 seconds. That being said we’ve still got plenty of room for new peeps.

And now it’s time to chill in my fancy rocket house with that expensive drink! Well once the servers come back up.


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