Wildstar: Free Realm Transfers Avoid the Queue Now

Suit up for a transfer!
Suit up for a transfer!

Carbine announced that there will be free realm transfers for folks tired of waiting in the Queue. They now have the tools to make it happen. So time to conference with your peeps and decide if you’re going to weather the queue or make a bolt for that new server smell!

Here’s the main forum post but for more Devspeak you may want t check the link above.



Hey everyone, as you can imagine we’ve been seeing calls for Free RealmTransfers on the forums, reddit on the live-stream. We’ve been working hard to make sure we take a measured approach to this delicate process. So in an effort to bring relief to some of our most populated Realms, we are offering free Realm Transfers off of these Realms and onto some of the lesser populated Realms. Once the server maintenance is complete on June 3rd, 12:00AM PDT, you will have the option to transfer your characters from the following Realms:


  • Pergo to Rowsdower
  • Pago to Rowsdower
  • Widow to Rowsdower
  • Stormtalon to Mikros
  • Caretaker to Orias


  • Hazak to Contagion
  • Hazak to Gaius
  • Hazak to Deadstar
  • Progenitor to Deadstar
  • Treespeaker to Gaius
  • Ascendancy to Archon

Please be aware, there will likely be a rush for Realm transfers when we first open up the service. The transfer process can take time. In some cases it may take up to 24 hours depending on the volume of transactions.

Additional Information:
Upon the event that we need to remove one of the destination Realms from the free transfer service, we will give the community 48 hour notice before removing a destination Realm from the list of Free Transfers.
When new Realms open post launch, we will message if this Realm is a transfer target or not. If the new Realm is not, then the “race to 50” will be preserved on that Realm for at least 2-4 weeks, and transfers will be prevented for that time.

The Realm transfer can only be enacted from the character select screen, so you will have to wait in a queue to enact the transfer if there is one on the source Realm.
You can move any number of characters you want as many times as you want, but each character can only be moved once every 22 hours.
You cannot have pending mail, auctions, commodity orders, or CREDD orders
You cannot be a member of a circle, Arena Team, Warparty, or a Guild
You cannot be in a circle, Arena Team, Warparty, or Guild leader

A note on Rowsdower – In the event that Rowsdower becomes overloaded, we are prepared to open new PvP Realms that Rowsdower players would be able to transfer to.



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