Wildstar: Quick Update While Servers are Down

Geistig.140531.214021 While the servers are out for maintenance I figured I would get a quick update post in.

My medic Geistig is now level 15 and now has her house. I am hoping to start adding some serious levels from this point, but we will see just how fast that goes. No vehicle yet, but I am focused on setting up a guild first, then purchasing a mount.

My group and I decided to skip the queue and all logged into the PVE-RP server Lightspire. So far has been a great server choice since the folks are laid back and the atmosphere is fun and friendly. I would recommend this server for social people or new people that can use friendly advice.

Props to the folks of Lightspire for being awesome sauce.

On my info:

  • Character – Geistig : Mechari Medic (female on the left, the right is Brutesquad the tank)
  • Faction – Dominion
  • Server – Lightspire

Until next time, here’s hoping you have a BLAST on Nexus. Well, once the servers are live again of course!


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