Wildstar: Costumes and lookin’ good while bustin’ heads

The Current Costume Setup Interface
The Current Costume Setup Interface

Are you tired of looking like you woke up on the wrong side of a crayon box when you’re out and about in game? Well in Wildstar for a little bit of time and coin, you can turn that uncoordinated hobo look into something that will make you stand out amongst your peers.

Today I’ll give you a quick run down on setting up your look through costumes. Like really quick.

Starting at level 7 you unlock costumes and your ability to manipulate them. You see the little icon for it, and if you’re a bit of a fussy pants ™ about how you look, you’re probably totally exited about how to fix up your drab attire.

Well first you have to visit a Protostar Appearance Vendor, but don’t worry you won’t miss them. They look just like the housing dudes, and the other Protostar dudes. They’re all the same dude.

Quick Bro Tip: If you can hold out on looking your best until level 14 or 15, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, since you get whisked away to the main town anyway for your housing quest. There should be at least one Appearance Vendor in your main town. At that time you can get your house set up, buy your mount, and then see how much spare coin you have left for a make-over. Just a thought though, not a requirement.

Chat with the Vendor

Once you talk to the Appearance Vendor a window like the one in the screenshot above pops up.

Choosing a Costume

Right below your character is the costume select dropdown box. Use that to choose which costume you want to set up. You’ll probably only have the one to start with, but hey, it’s something. By the time you are level 50 you will have 6 to choose from. That means you can have a new look for *almost* every day of the week.

Adding Items

Now that you have your costume set selected you have to add items to it. Go into your bags and drop the gear items you want to add to your costume on the appropriate slots in the costume window. Keep in mind that you have to place headgear in the headgear slot, shoes in the feet slot and so on.

Sadly, you can’t wear your pants on your head in game.

Hiding Gear Slots

Want to keep some slots open in your costume? That is totally possible. You can toggle the visibility of items by clicking the little eye all the way to the right of the dye channel squares. This means that while you may not be able to wear pants on your head, you can run around without them. Disclaimer: this blog and it’s owners are not responsible for pantless Nexus dwellers.


Now to fix the mix matched mess that is your gear’s color scheme! The first step here is getting your hands on some dye. You will probably have at least one dye from completing a quest for the Protostar Appearance Vendor. If you purchased the Deluxe Digital Pre-Order you’ll get an eye watering green dye as well, so that should give you one if not two dyes to get started with.

Right click on them in your bag and they will show up in the right hand panel of the Appearance Vendor or Costume window.

To get your color on, first you have to select the dye channel or channels you want to work with, by clicking the respective squares in the Dye Channel box.

Then you can click your dye and click your dye channels for the gear you want to dye (it might be the other way around, but give it a few clicks, it should work out).

Paying the Vendor or Finishing Up

You may also want to keep an eye on the “Total Cost” area since you do have to pay to dye your costume. Once you have every thing set up to your own fussy pants ™ desires you can hit the Dye button to exit out of the menu.

If you’re just done dinking with the costumes entirely and aren’t worried about dying anything, you can also click the little red circle there in the upper right hand corner.

Making Your Creation Visible

So now you have your costume all set up, but you still look just as boring as you did before. What is up with that? Well you may not have the costume selected in your character window. Open up your character window and look over at the slots where your armor sits. Click the little green button and select the costume you just painstakingly created (should be just to the left of your stats).

Now you are ready to brave the wilds looking your best!

In Closing

I hope this helps you get your style on. Because even though you’re taming the wilds of a whole new world, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous while doing it, or bad ass, whatever floats your boat.

Now… Could someone get me a drink? Something expensive!


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