Official Launch Day Server List
Official Launch Day Server List

As of writing this the Wildstar servers are live for stress testing before the big day. These are the servers that will be going live during launch. Gameplay right now is only testing of course with Headstart still hitting this weekend and full Launch on Tuesday the 3rd.

For more Information you’ll want to check out these two links:

We still have yet to decide which server we’re going for, but we’re are leaning toward the PVE servers (Euro Side).

If you haven’t had a chance to play the game yet and you’ve pre-ordered, now is a good time to log in and get some time in on the various classes. For me classes always feel different when I get my hands on them than they look in videos.

As it is I think I’m going to forgo Spellslinger and swap for Medic. Spellslinger is a lot of fun, but I’m more reliable at playing Medic. That and it seems a lot easier for me to get into a rhythm and stick to it on the Medic than on the Spellslinger.

This is all just me though, it’s still a great class so if you’re having fun with it, by all means stick with it and kick with it. The fun is what’s important.

For me Headstart will entail deciding just what race I will pick for my Medic on my race to level 50. While of course having fun, adventures and misadventures all along the way.

Until Next time, I’ll be waiting for Wildstar.

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