So almost two years ago I posted about wanting a new game to call home. At the time I was hoping that game would be The Repopulation. They are chugging along and have seen Alpha 3 this spring. Way to go! I’m wishing them all the best because they’re working hard to make a very unique game that will be enjoyable to a lot of people.

Honestly though, at this point I don’t think I’m one of them. I’m wishing the whole team and of course the player base the best. I’m betting they’re going to have a great time when it goes live. I might even check it out at that time.

There are a lot of games out there right now vying for attention and cash. Not only MMO’s but even single player games. Honestly though I like being able to pick one game and focus almost obsessively on it.

It’s a thing.

Since I am being honest I can say that I’ve been keeping my eye on Wildstar for some time. No I haven’t posted anything in a LONG time because just for once I was hoping that a game would actually keep my interest for more than five minutes.

I was not sure if Wildstar would be that game since it seemed like a lot of emphasis for the game was on Raiding. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just not known for raiding.

Fortunately I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I sauntered over to the Wildstar main site (check the link below) and watched all of the Devspeak videos along with the Wildstar Flicks. Oh and quite a few of the live stream replays. Those you’ll have to find around YouTube. At least until I feel like finding a solid list and posting them.

Like I said, it’s a thing.

A lot of games on the verge of release post some awesome videos. A lot of them however are CGI drool trailers. Not that those aren’t awesome, don’t get me wrong they’re kick awesome eye candy, BUT they don’t really tell you much about the actual game you’re about to play. Nothing wrong with that, if they can lure you in with a shiny, why not right?

Thing is, Carbine didn’t want to spend their money on CGI cinematics when they could spend the money on development. I’m pretty sure they spent more than enough on just the music!

Instead they showed actual in game footage from the game and made Machinima trailers because it was a cheaper alternative to just use in game assets. Great effing idea.

The Devspeak videos, that are NOT Machinima, show you actual in game combat, gameplay and existing game features. They demonstrate the work the developers and producers have put into the game. Oh and the live streams show some of the producers working their way through their own dungeons and class designers playing the classes they’ve built.

I haven’t really seen a lot of live streams of game developers slugging it through their own dungeons. I’m not saying that they don’t do it, but to do so in a live stream with a bunch of players watching you takes guts, serious guts. So kudos to them.

Beyond that it shows you how the combat currently plays out in the game. What the encounters look like. What the game world actually looks like. Now to me, the combat and encounters look REALLY fun. Fast paced, dodging, moving abilities, breaking out of stuns (Breakthrough Gameplay) and a lot of fun possibilities available to every class.

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me combat has become an increasingly important aspect of an MMO. From games as old and obscure as Neocron, to newer obscure games like Fallen Earth, to hits like Guild Wars 2. Games where you have combat that at least tries to move away from stand still and tab target is a bonus because let’s face it, you spend most of your time in an MMO either trying to fight things for quests, fighting your way away from things after completing the quests, or the rest of your game career fighting bigger more annoying things in dungeons. So yeah, non crappy combat is a bonus.

Combat where you stun your enemies, teleport through your enemies to shoot them in the back while stunning them, dodge out of enemy aoe’s, not to mention skills where you fry, freeze, brain melt, or just shove a really big gun in the face of your foes. These seem to be a tad more interesting. Not to mention almost sadistically exciting for PvP.

Does Wildstar completely re-innovate in game combat? Probably not. Do they make it a whole lot of fun? It has been for me. Though it seems like some folks are basing Wildstar’s combat on the first one or two combat skills you get in the game. So yeah, the combat can seem a little lack luster when you’re running around with two spells when you compare that to your max level Mage in some other game (sigh). But once you get that one sweet stun, the whole world seems to brighten into a new, wonderful, and enticingly deadly landscape.

After I did get a chance to actually play some, I’m pretty convinced that I love this game. It’s like a combination between reading a comic book, watching a spaghetti western crossed with some super old sci-fi B movies, all rolled up in a comedy burrito topped off with their own special sauce. I swear I’m still waiting to see a Pip Boy. Seriously.

I’m really hoping to spend a lot of time in Wildstar. My plan at the very least is to do some dungeon healing while leveling up a Spellslinger. Because let’s face it, Nightcrawler in a cowboy hat? I’m sold!

I want to see the Adventures, I want to see the dungeons and I might even try my hand at raiding and PvP. I did have fun as a PvP healer in Fallen Earth so who knows? Oh and did I mention that I want to have a sweet house? Oh yes….

At this point I’m happily awaiting Headstart right along with the other Pre Order folks.

Remember folks:

  • Head-Start Begins May 31st at 12:01am PDT
  • Actual launch will be June 3, 2014.

This time around I even have a group of real life and more or less real life fun friends to play Wildstar with. That’s not super common for me, even after attending a lot of Game events and blogging for YEARS I can’t really say that I have a lot of solid game friends. I have a lot of friends I’ve met through games, but we usually all end up with different game habits after we’ve stopped playing one game so I usually end up going to my next game shiny by my self. So safe to say, that is kind of exciting too.

But let’s face it, Wildstar is having that effect on people for whatever reason.

Due to Wildstar Region Locking I’ll be playing on the European servers this time around but we haven’t decided on a specific server yet. While we’re leaning toward Dominion, that is also not totally decided. We will probably form our own guild just to take advantage of getting guild bonuses while we level.

Once all of this is hammered out I might post about it, but I might not, it just depends on how the group feels about having an internet writing busy body in their midst.

In closing, if you haven’t heard about Wildstar because you either haven’t had internet or you’ve been living under rock for a while (I do it sometimes too so don’t feel bad about it) I have some resources to help you out.

If you want to know more about Wildstar and want to check out the Pre-Order hit up their website.

For additional information and resources check these out:

See you on Nexus!

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