Come at me Bro!
Come at me Bro!

The Repopulation spent the weekend at PAX and there are two articles up on Massively discussing their run in with the game. Check it out:

August Updates Event Systems

PAX Prime 2013: The Repopulation Hunkers Down for a Siege

I did get a chance to play around in The Repopulation on Ct Prophet on Friday and for just a bit on Saturday. I figured I’d give folks plenty of time to play on Sunday and Monday.

So far it looks like there are more and more Star Wars Galaxies refugees looking for a new home in The Repopulation.

For me the combat does have some of the feeling of Fallen Earth before the 1.8 patch, which is pretty awesome. Granted though it would take a LONG grind to pick up a wide range of skills as opposed to focusing on one set or so. The game is coming along in leaps and bounds. It does look like a promising Indy MMO at this point.

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