I was watching a vid earlier today on Everquest Next. A lot of folks tell their stories about how a game changed their lives. A lot of games do this in a number of ways, some more than others.

The question is, which game grabbed you and made you believe that games were for you? Which game did you start playing that you consider to be your own virtual playground?

For me it did start with World of Warcraft, I started too late to be on the Everquest or even Everquest 2 band wagon. The one game I called home more so than any other game I can say was Fallen Earth. Though granted it’s currently not what it used to be. That of course makes me more sad than anything else. I was hoping to get that feeling back again with Guild Wars 2. Which by the way is a solid MMO that puts into practice a lot of the things I’ve complained about right here on this blog. Thing is though, while I was working on my fourth level 80, I really didn’t feel the desire to finish leveling up. I am not a fan of grind based end game content or chasing achievements. Not that any of it is a bad thing, a lot of people like it, but it’s just not for me. I’ll probably check out Guild Wars 2 again once they have player housing.

For now though I have enough responsibility on my plate and speaking of which I need to finish some work for today. Before I go however, I wanted to post this up and ask the question, what game where you in when you just felt like home?

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