My Little Tree House
My Little Tree House

So I did get access to my Fallen Earth buddy’s Minecraft Server (THANK YOU!!). All for a little Minecraft time, qwich for me usually turns into a few hours. I get a little hung up on details.

Now before I go any further, let me repeat myself. This is Minecraft game play, Survival Mode, on a modded server. This is not standard Minecraft game play.

Now on with the show.

The mod is pretty solid. In this mod you really have to get your tools up and running fast, well that and knowing how to make consumables helps too.

The first thing I did was craft myself a few axes and gathered a little bit of resources from the local trees and went off on my own. Usually I’m able to at least walk until dark in any direction, then build a hovel and wait until daylight.

Yeah not with this mod. I managed to get to a jungle area (my new favorite biome). Then I died horribly trying to get a tree house set up. It happens. The real loss was that I wasn’t able to recover most of my tools. That set me back to making a whole new set of tools.

What I ended up doing (after dying twice just trying to get my house set up), I decided that I would stock up on supplies first. So after playing lumberjack for about 3 in game days I finally had enough wood, apples and sticks to set out on my own. Not to mention the fact that I’d built some hoes to try to get as many seeds as I could.

I really wanted to see just how nerfed farming is in my buddy’s mod. The nerf bat was not spared, not one little bit when it came to wheat farming in game. I’ll get into that in a second though.

SO, after getting my tree house up and running, I set up a little farm and set down some wheat to grow. I also placed some some cane so I can hopefully end up with enough paper to start building my own enchanting table. Really it’s the only way to keep your tools for more than 5 seconds.

This becomes REALLY important when it takes forever to cut enough wood to make wood tools. Don’t get me started on just making stone tools, which you can make from flint thank goodness because it requires  5 gravel and 4 clay just to make cobblestone in this mod. So far I have managed to obtain one piece of clay. It rests in a place of reverence awaiting more of it’s kind.

In other words I stashed it in the hopes that I’ll be able to find more. Otherwise I may never end up making a furnace.  This means for now I’ve got no way to cook meat.

The one thing I have done is managed to wrangle chickens. I love me some chickens. The downside is that in this mod it is a real pain in the backside to get up enough seeds to farm with. That and with the farming nerf, you’re lucky if you get seeds or wheat or both when you harvest. The most disappointing thing in the world is harvesting and getting nothing. For now I think I’m going to stick to hitting grass with a hoe to obtain seeds. The seeds I’m feeding to my chickens.

Chances are I’m not letting the wheat mature enough, sometimes it’s impossible to see whether it’s done or not under the standard texture.

Regardless, I still have my chickens and just this once my penchant for chicken farming is paying off. Usually you end up with a couple chests full of eggs that barely stack and are only useful in cake recipes. Cakes are fun and all, but they take a lot of resources and even more room.

In my friend’s mod, he set up a cookie recipe to use sugar, eggs and cocoa beans. Right now this is saving my bacon since I’m farming the chickens, the sugar cane and the cocoa beans. One of the really awesome bits about setting up a jungle retreat. Well beyond having a happy hiding place well above ground.

Now that I’m bravely setting out to mine enough rock to start actually making stone tools I’m feeling pretty confident. I can say however that the mod has really kept me on my toes and takes a whole new strategy to play around. I like it honestly.

This mod does make the game more challenging and for folks that can get a little bored in Minecraft once they have a system, mods like this are a great way to break you out of that rut.

If you missed the link for the mod information you can check it out here: Concerned Apathy – Minecraft Survival Mod

In closing, say hello to my chickens.

Chicken Friends
Chicken Friends
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