They See me Farmin' they be Hatin'
They See me Farmin’ they be Hatin’

Everyone loves to get a little Minecraft in now and again. For some folks though once you get a handle on the game mechanics Minecraft in Survival Mode can become a little too easy. Well that is once you get yourself established.

To solve that problem, one of my Fallen Earth buddies has come up with a Minecraft Survival mod that takes Survival Mode up a notch. He thinks Survival Mode is just too easy. I can agree with that to a point, I mean once you get established you’re a-OK.

His solution for making Minecraft Survival Mode a little more challenging is to mod the game to make tools a requirement (no more punching cows for leather or trees for wood). Upping XP so you can enchant gear more easily as well as making enchant tables easier to produce (after all, you need those tools to last longer if they’re harder to make). Then downgrading the ability to obtain resources making it harder to get the things you need to get by.

For the most part it sounds fascinating, I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to try it out sometime. This of course is just another one of the reasons that Minecraft is awesome. There is so much you can do with the base game!

You can check out the details on the mod here: Concerned Apathy Minecraft Survival Mod

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