Sonja Austrene
Sonja Austrene

I am still avidly awaiting the release of The Repopulation, but I needed a chance to get some gaming in on the side.

About a month ago I set up a trial for EVE Online. I figured I’d give it a shot and see what has changed much since my last experience with the game in 2011.

I created Sonja Austrene, a Minmatar Sebiester. None of that bit really matters except for the part that says Minmatar. So far I’ve really enjoyed flying and engaging in combat using Minmatar ships.

I’m not in PvP right now and there’s a few reasons for that. Most of the reasons revolve around my High Sec corporation.

I do like where the game is right now, and CCP has gone out of their way to try and improve the new player experience. I think I’ll stick with EVE for a while, at least until I’m so busy with The Repopulation that I have no time for it any longer.


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