Ok so I’m still waiting for The Repopulation. In the meantime I need something to play/build/ well you know.

I went to use my Sims 3 Create-A-World tool and I had the craziest problem. I couldn’t use the in game editor. For brand new worlds I could use it once, but if I saved it and closed it, I couldn’t use it again. It was REALLY strange.

I did everything I could to resolve it, this is what finally worked:

1) Backed up all world files found in the Documents folder

2) Uninstalled Create-A-World

3) Deleted all files from the programs folder and the Documents folder

4) Reinstalled Create-A-World

5) Copied the world files (only the world files) to the Programs folder

6) Started and edited a world I knew that the In Game Editor would not open previously

The in game editor opened and functioned as intended, edited lots, saved lots, from both directions without issue.

I was even able to open an old world that I thought had become corrupted under the old system.

It’s working for now. But then again it always does until the next patch. That is the way of the Sims 3 Create-A-World tool.

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