Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor Combo

I can’t believe it but we did it. Mea and CrankyB completed all four acts of Diablo 3 and we’re working on Nightmare mode.

I loved the story. Yeah based on the lore there’s some parts of it that you’re like “OK, I know what’s going to happen now”, BUT, there’s some twists and turns that keep the story interesting. I’m not going to spoil it, you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Honestly I can’t believe it’s done. I figured it would be a lot harder and take a lot longer. Though I’ve just started NIGHTMARE MODE. ( bum bum buuuuuuuum ). That’s probably going to kick my ass, but if CrankyB wants to do it I’m there.

As it is I’ve already told him I’d follow him into the mouth of hell, and hey I have!

Granted, I’m not totally sure why you’d want to go through the same game over again. Why didn’t my character get to max level the first time through? Why do I have to go through the same story a second time to hit the max level?

BUT, it’s Diablo. I’m not going to ask, I’m just going to play.

As it is, I think I’m getting the hang of it. I mean we managed to beat the end boss without dying. Granted that was in normal mode, who knows what will happen in Nightmare Mode.

Chances are I’ll spend most of my time dead watching CrankyB take things down with his zombie army.

OK, that and I’m hooked on Jewel Crafting in Diablo. I have it ranked up as high as I can go without the happy little pages I need to rank up again. Sadly, those only seem to drop in Nightmare Mode. Guess that will give me reason enough to push through the story one more time.

OK that and it’s a good story and there’s enough things that we haven’t done yet that it’s totally worth it.

I mean as it is we managed to find a well full of zombies named after the people that worked on the game. If you ever wanted to give a Dev or Quality Assurance a piece of your mind, that’s probably the place.

Granted though, I’m loving Diablo 3 so I don’t have much in the way of complaints.

I do have some lag based issues. There’s points where my game slows down to a crawl. I’m somehow managing to blast through it, but the delay has been enough to get me close to getting knocked off or has pushed me over the edge. Safe to say it can be a real pain in the butt.

It’s an even bigger pain when CrankyB’s Witch Doctor is depending on my Demon Hunter for damage. We’re not sure why but his Witch Doctor just isn’t set up to do as much damage as my Demon Hunter is.

Right now, Demensia, my Demon Hunter is  level 33 and is at just over 500 DPS. I’ve equipped her with anything I can find with a high Dexterity rating and she has +Damage Flawless Rubies in her dual crossbows. My reasoning for the +Damage on the crossbows is to boost weapon damage to therefore boost damage on skills that are based on weapon damage.

You put that together with Rapid Fire and OMG… I managed to end one boss with just that skill.

Granted I was cornered by AoE and totally freaking out so I was trying to get in as much damage on the boss as I could before I bit it. I’m so glad I didn’t run out of Hatred. So very, very glad.

I’ve been sticking with the Withering Fire for Rapid Fire so far. Sure it’s not the higher end rune for Rapid Fire, BUT, since it reduces the amount of Hatred required for Rapid Fire, I can keep up my DPS a LOT longer than I’m able to with most other skills.

I do have to swap out with one of the Hatred generator skills pretty frequently to boost my Hatred back up again. With Withering Fire however, I’m not blowing my wad it a couple of seconds just to stand there and fire whatever I’ve got that’ll get my Hatred back up again.

Though it always cracks me up when I’m throwing flaming bolas out for no reason and CrankyB is asking me over Skype “um sweetie, what are you doing?” It’s kinda funny to tell your fiancee “need to generate Hatred”. That could be so wrong out of context.

On Demon Hunter, I also love Vault (with Rattling Roll) and Shadow Power (with Blood Moon). Since my Demon Hunter is a glass cannon, using Vault to get her out of the middle of a mob zerg is VERY handy. Then popping Shadow Power to replace lost health while mowing things down is also a win win. Safe to say they’re both pretty handy OH CRAP buttons.

We’ve also been using Spike Trap and Marked for Death. Using those to help boost the damage the Witch Doctor zombie army puts out is a big bonus. OK that AND it’s really fun watching the mobs explode.

I mean come on, who doesn’t enjoy watching demons explode?

So far I’ve stuck with the Demon Hunter. I really enjoy the class. I’ve messed around with the other ones a little bit, and now that I’m getting the hang of Diablo 3 I might want to play with those a little when CrankyB isn’t online to come romp through the maps with me. Aside from that though, the machine gun style goodness has just been a blast.

Till next time I’m going to be exploring maps and exploding… well everything… in Diablo 3.

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Her guy
Her guy
10 years ago

Oh c’mon.. you’re not watching my zombie army kill jack.. They’re just there to keep stuff occupied so you can pick ’em off.

Also… *snorts* blowing your wad.. teehee!

And you left out the part where you totally gunned down Azmo, that one line of mention doesn’t do it credit by far! And you didn’t die on big D either, I expected at least a whole paragraph on that one.

But yeh, the lag is a pain, suffering from it tooat times, pretty sure if we got the lag sorted out we’d kick ass for certain.

Love you sweetie, keep on exploding stuff!