3 man Win Blackrock Depths Upper City

The Dwarven Trio has finally hit 60. So far the Protection Paladin, Frost Mage, and Restoration Shaman team is still going strong.

Here’s the current stats on our 3 person guild:

It’d be cool to get in the classic raids, but at our current leveling rate, we’ll out level them real soon. I’m not too worried about that, we can always go back for them later.

I could recruit another two DPS members to the guild to fill out a dungeon team. I might look into that later. Right now things seem to work just fine for us so I’m not too worried about expanding. I’d almost rather bring in randoms to fill out a group. I really don’t think that we’d be able to find 2 more DPS that are willing to take time leveling along with us just to be part of a steady dungeon group. It also doesn’t help that we have some time zone limitations.

I do prefer dungeon leveling though, it makes things a lot easier. Leveling isn’t as much of a grind when you’re putting on a few levels at a time running just through dropping elites. It’s much better than running all over a zone completing quests. Nothing wrong with it, but after years of MMO’s, I’m so done with questing that it’s just not funny.

The current goal for the guild is getting the trio to 68 to hit Northrend. That and getting up the 400 gold each for Cold Weather flying. At this point we’re doing good on both. We’re only 8 levels from getting out of the Outlands. That may take 4 days or so depending on how many dungeons we’re able to get in.

Surley has been a successful healer through the classic dungeons, and she’s awesome so far. In some Outland blues she’s already able to keep a party healed without running out of mana.

Outlands can be a bit of a challenge since we’re adding Death Knights to the list of DPS that makes me want to scream. Don’t get me started on Hunters.

I do plan on writing up a quick post on how I’m running her at 60 once I’m sure I’ve got it dialed in. I think I want to take another look at her talent tree and totem rotations before I make a post.

Till next time – keep it healed.

Surly – Restoration Shaman – Rexxar (Dragon Hand)

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