Dwarven Tank and Heals

These days I’m back in WoW. I started playing again to run around with Moms. Honestly I’m actually enjoying myself.

For folks just catching onto this blog, I’ve played WoW with my Mom off and on for years. She plays a Mage and I run behind her with anything that has a rez, usually laughing my butt off when she blinks into a wall.

Moms and I had been working on leveling our 80 somethings to 85. At the moment though I’m kinda putting that on hold since my boyfriend decided to take up WoW too. So now me and Moms are helping him get leveled up.

While leveling in WoW is total easy sauce now, the absolute fastest way to do it is to dungeon hop using the Dungeon finder.

You get good gear, loot and tons of xp, what’s not to love?

Oh right… running with the Rogue who tries to tank… ok that’s just epic comedy though. For those that don’t know, squishy leather wearing DPS folks are NOT tanks.

Me, my guy and Moms started out rolling with two DPS and a healer. With 3 members of a dungeon party (including heals) Dungeon Finder got us into groups pretty quickly.

Sadly though my Priest had a hard time keeping up with tanks that wanted to race through dungeons at the speed of light. Apparently yelling Out of Mana doesn’t deter most tanks from pulling away and killing the whole group while blaming a dry healer.

After some trial, error, and dieing repeatedly the three of us decided to try new tactics. My guy has experience tanking. This I did not know since the game we had been playing didn’t really have a ‘tank’ role.

He rolled a Paladin, after all the recent changes, tanking with a Pally isn’t half bad. They have good aggro management and being able to pop an emergency heal is all win. Safe to say he’s having no trouble tanking dungeons so far. At least as long as the DPS doesn’t go and try to aggro the whole dungeon. That makes life more interesting to say the least.

I rolled a Shaman to be heals. While they don’t start out with a wide range of healing abilities, Tidal Focus and Spark of Life, two tier one Shaman talents, boost heals AND help manage mana. That and Shammy heals are pretty cost effective to start with. Rolling through dungeons I think I only had to stop to drink once and that was really just to cap off my mana pool, not because I’d healed until I was dry.

I also get to wear leather armor which means I’m not one shotted by mobs (even if I do have to swap out for cloth gear upon occasion to boost my Spirit stat, Spirit means quicker mana regen while in combat, always a bonus). As an extra bonus, I boost group stats via two of my totems, the Flametongue Totem and the Strength of Earth Totem.

Not bad for only having one direct heal. Really though as long as I keep Earth Shield on the tank and spam Healing Wave, the tank lives and I’m a happy camper.

Moms is rolling a Mage, which she does oh so well. The addition of the water elemental helps her out a ton, especially since the water elemental pulls aggro away from her if she accidentally draws aggro off the tank. That and pretty much since Moms rolled her first Mage, she’s just been a Mage, it’s the best class in WoW for her.

Though it would be amusing to see her try rolling a Warlock and Life Tap herself to death once or twice. Sadly though as a healer, I’m rarely a fan of Warlocks using my mana bar to refill theirs. It can get a wee bit annoying.

Warlock -> *tap tap*
Healer -> *heals Warlock*
Warlock -> *tap tap*
Healer -> *heals Warlock*…
Angry Healer -> “Will you just drink or use a potion already? My mana bar is not your mana bar.”
Warlock -> *giggles and taps again*

Yes my Mom really does provide me with hours of laughs and entertainment in WoW. I mean who else will puke on random Paladins in Iron Forge? There should be an achievement for that.

OK back on topic. So far the Protection Paladin tank, the Restoration Shaman and the Ice Mage, have made an awesome combo. We’re in dungeons as soon as we queue up Dungeon Finder. We went from 15 to near 20 in about an hour or so. Keeping this up we should have my guy caught up to our 80 somethings pretty quickly. Well when we find time to log into the game.

Yeah, I know the reason I never level cap in WoW is because I’m always going back to help someone who’s just starting out. The thing is that MMO’s are made to be played with other people. If I only cared about getting my own toon level capped, I could do that at any time. Thing is though I don’t really play this game for myself, I play it just as much for my Mom, who really enjoys running around in WoW like a kid in a candy shop. Which she’s done since she started playing WoW years ago.

What can I say, her enthusiasm is infectious.

Now my boyfriend is playing too. It’s a whole new experience for me playing an MMO with a significant other. Don’t get me wrong though, I like it, I’m just used to someone shaking their head at me or telling me to log off. Having someone say “oh hey let’s log into wow and crawl some dungeons” is totally awesome. That and someone willing to help keep my Mom’s Mage alive in dungeons, priceless.

Though it was funny when I used to be the only player in my guild with boyfriend aggro. Once they figured out I was a girl things became a lot less awkward, and I spent about a week laughing. Then another week laughing about the laughing.

I’m easily amused.

Anywho, I need to do a solid write up on Shaman healing. As much as I love my Retribution Paladin, I’m really getting into my Restoration Shaman. Until then though I’m going to be doing some dungeon crawling.

Surley – Alliance Shaman – Rexxar

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10 years ago

“Sadly though my Priest had a hard time keeping up with tanks that wanted to race through dungeons at the speed of light. Apparently yelling Out of Mana doesn’t deter most tanks from pulling away and killing the whole group while blaming a dry healer.”

My wife, the healer is sitting next to me and I am reading this paragraph to her. Complete agreement. How often have I heard her yelling at the screen OOM, OOM. To me, it sometimes looks like the tanks are forced to rush through dungeons ever since dungeon finder went live. Even if you aren’t the worlds best tank. I always played it safe with my death knight tank, marking targets, waiting for everybody to look ready, etc etc. But I kept hearing people looking for tanks who could rush rush rush.

The guy
The guy
10 years ago

Well hey, to me being a tank is so far, rather easy. It’s not rocket surgery (yes I know I’m combining metaphores) and I do check my shammy healstress’ mana, when she runs out, I hold back. It’s just that simple, my opinion may change on heroics, but that seems unlikely.