WoW With Moms- Paladin and Mage

Well I’m taking a break from Fallen Earth. The latest content drop, a PvP zone, while totally necessary for the game, doesn’t really do much for me. So I’m keeping an eye on Fallen Earth and I might get back there once in a while to see what’s new.

Like the saying goes though, no rest for the wicked. Well and or those willing to fill out a 4 man team or walk around as a plate wearing rez bot.

I do so love being a healer, ok well I love being a damage dealer that can throw heals when needed. That’s what I really love. That’s part of why I’m not really in Fallen Earth at the moment, my healing toon has left me a little unfulfilled. There’s good reason for that and I may blog on the issue later. For now though, I’m gonna focus on what I am doing at the moment.

First off, I finally have a Steam account and I played Dungeon Defenders with Hoofhearted and Nufan from my old Fallen Earth clan KAOS. Those two by the way always crack me up.

We played Dungeon Defenders. Not a bad way to spend some time. It’s in depth enough that it makes you think but just light enough that it doesn’t feel like a grind.

It is a tower defense game, but it also ties in some nifty hero features. I enjoyed it. I liked the tactical side of the game, figuring out where to put what to keep the crystal thingies from getting destroyed. Good times.

Yes I said thingies, that is a technical term here. Deal with it.

If I play again though I think I might want to try a melee toon. See what that’s about. I played the Mage class last time. That was pretty fun. Sadly though I’m learning I’m more of an in your face melee kinda gal. It’s just more fun that way.

Next up, I’m also in World of Warcraft again, helping my mother level her Mage. That can be quite an adventure. Especially when I see her health halfway down and I hear “I’ve made friends”.

It means I get to play the hero. I usually end up getting to her just in time, I pull off aggro, beat the crap out of the mobs, heal Moms, lather, rinse, repeat.

OK that and running with a Mage has it’s advantages. I round up a bunch of mobs and keep their attention (which is very easy to do with a Retribution Paladin). Mom’s Mage does a little rain of ice, and boom, ten rats down.

And good times were to be had by all. Well by me and Mom, that’s what counts.

Tyrael's Charger

Anywho, I do have the Annual Pass. That means I now have Tyrael’s Charger, the fancy mount promised to folks who picked up the Annual Pass when the “Hour of Twilight” patch 4.3 dropped.

As you can see it’s shiny. It also scales with training. So once I manage to get about 3,000 or so more gold and get Artisan Riding, this pretty mount will increase in speed. That means I don’t have to buy a new mount to take advantage of the swifter flight speeds.

On a side note, I also like the mount looks on Paladin Geistig. At the very least it’s more of a Paladin mount than the huge elephant (Elekk). For some reason they changed the Draenei Paladin mounts to a fancy Elekk over the classic Paladin Mount.

It almost ruined being a Paladin for me. It’s not a big deal though since we use flying mounts more in the game now. Honestly I’m loving it. During the Halloween thing me and Moms were flying all over the place. It was pretty awesome.

So while I should be doing the “you kids today don’t know what it was like having to run all over the damn place”. Honestly I think it’s a good thing.

No one likes leveling and everyone’s at the end game raiding. Making people take more time to level up is a bit of a waste. That and if they get frustrated and quit, then that’s lost revenue. It means change but hey, if people are paying for the ticket, they should be able to ride the ride.

I know, I know, I should be at the end game too. Thing is though, I do want to help out my Mom, so we’re going at a bit of a snail’s pace.

If Moms buggs out of playing I may just hit 85 doing nothing but dungeons. I so LOVE dungeons. In the end who knows.

Well to wrap things up, if you’re bored and you play WoW, I’m on Rexxar as Geistig a Paladin of the Alliance. Feel free to pester me.

But I may also spend some time on Steam as, yep you guessed it, CreepTheProphet.

Until next time, go kill something, in game of course.

I will be, in game of course.

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