Trick or Treat

Figured I’d put up a little post on what I’m up to. I’m still spending most of my game time in Fallen Earth. That’s not going to change (even changed out for a year sub). Thing is I also picked up WoW again to run around with Moms. Yes I play World of Warcraft with my Mom. Running around Azeroth getting lost, getting her killed, and having a good time while doing it.

Her system can’t handle playing Fallen Earth (trust me I tried a few months ago out of desperation, no bueno). It can play WoW though.

They also have a pretty interesting promotion going right now where signing up for a year gives you an in game mount Diablo 3 themed, a copy of Diablo 3, AND BETA ACCESS! I’m such a sucker for beta access.

They’ve announced the Panderia expansion and so I figured, what the hell. I know I’m gonna buy it unless I’m totally broke so I might as well just be ready to dink around in it.

I mean hell, Moms and I were hiding out during the WoW zombie apocalypse before Wrath of the Lich King was released. We also watched as Azeroth was changed forever when Cataclysm hit.

Why would we miss out on rolling a couple of fat and sassy drunken masters (Pandarian Monks). No no… I don’t care what it’s really called, I will call mine drunken master. End of story. Because it’s effing hilarious.

Safe to say I’m signed up for a year of WoW.

The bastards finally found a way to get a full year sub out of me. *facepalms*


It’s not Fallen Earth though. I still love FE. Oh and I decided to sub up for a full year of Fallen Earth too. I couldn’t sub up for a year of WoW and not sub up for a year of Fallen Earth.

Yeah it’s pricy, but seriously, I don’t have a whole lot else going on right now. I might as well take advantage of the situation and game like a mad woman while I still can.

OH!!! I’ve finally hit 180 cooking crafting on Geistig. I’m not too worried about getting it up too much further at this point and I’ll probably go back and research it soon.

Geistig is by the way, is full crafter capable (which means her tradeskills can get up to 196, the current cap). Sadly though cooking is the highest tradeskill I have at the moment.

With the new system I need to spend a lot of time digging in trash (scavenging/harvesting/mining) to 1) have crap I can sell on the AH for some chips and 2) have enough crafting mats to continue leveling. Personally I love just wandering around FE digging in trash all on my lonesome.

I think now I need to focus on Weapons Crafting and research. There’s not really a weapons crafter in The Reavers and since there’s a lot of Melee folks in the clan it’d just be a good idea to have a researched Weapons Crafter.

After that I figure I can work on Armor crafting, maybe even construction, who knows.

I still have a lot of work to do on Geistig and looking forward to it.

I am stepping out of PvP though. True dedication to PvP just takes more time than I can allocate right now. Even though I’d love to be a hard core player, I gotta face it, I just don’t have the attention span for that lol.

I did leave KAOS. It’s not because I don’t love the clan, I still totally do and all the guys/gals in KAOS, end of story, no questions asked.

I was just starting to spend more time with The Reavers, and I really feel like they could use another crafter. That AND I miss getting into crazy RP situations on Geistig. The community just isn’t the same without her throwing monkey wrenches in EVERYONE’s plans.

It’s just how she rolls. You never know what to expect from Geistig.

That AND right now there’s a kid in The Reavers (Canni Belle) who’s stuck in Lifenet. She’s randomly popping around from one cloner to another (using the new Fast Travel system) haunting whoever manages to end up in the cloner at the time.

Safe to say this close to Halloween it’s pretty freakin’ epic.

Yes it’s nerdy and silly, but it’s also creative and fun. Well if you’re a person that likes a good story.


In World of Warcraft I’ll be on either Geistig the Unholy Death Knight (Uldam) or Geistig the Retribution Paladin (Rexxar). I know talk about a mix right?

In Fallen Earth, I’ll be on Geistig. There really is no description for this Geistig, so you’ll just have to roll with it.

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11 years ago

This is not a bad deal. I planned on purchasing Diablo 3 anyways and plus I wanted to try out the Pandas and the monk class also. So, if I understand this right, subscribing to the discounted 6-month plan and upgrading it to the Annual Pass, minusing the inevitable purchase Diablo 3, means a $8/month sub to WoW which is pretty cheap.