Welcome to life Clone, Report for Duty

The rampant influx of new players is still clogging up the Fallen Earth servers. Sadly it’s a case of success killing a game. Boneclaw and Embry keep dying. Not surprising. Boneclaw is the most popular noob zone and once folks are done in either the crafting or support noob towns they pretty much get sent to Embry.

Guess what that means?

The login servers are also having issues and have been taken down again as well. Having so many new players creating accounts is probably clogging up the servers faster than a box full of hamburgers can clog your arteries.

I want to say this pisses me off. It should because I can’t get into a game I’m paying for.

Fortunately this week I’m sick enough that I can’t do too much other than dig in trash or annoy the usual RP suspects. That means I’m not bugging not being able to log in.

I’m actually kind of stoked. If all the noobs logging into the game stay on, pay for something, Fallen Earth might FINALLY get the props it needs to be a successful game.

Let’s just hope the servers and databases are able to handle the load.

*Fingers Crossed*

Here’s the current Server Issues thread in the official forums.

Until next time, I’m gonna be offline getting well while waiting for the damn server issues to be resolved.

Geistig / Sonja Blackheart / Kleineubel

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