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So yep we are on Day 1 of Fallen Earth Free to Play. Sadly we’re all still waiting for the servers to go live.

Well as one blogger put it, when you can’t play, blog.

Hey don’t look at me like that, I’m not the only one doing it. The Fallen Earth F2P Dev bloggie also posted a little somethin’ somethin’ earlier today.

On reading the F2P Dev blog there were a couple big parts that stuck out for me. They involved fasteners and bandages. I know, kinda petty considering all the goodies I’m gonna get for having stuck out the change. Goodies are nice but those only go so far. Running out of bandages or not being able to craft because I’m “missing component(s)” really, really, blows.

Here’s the skinny.

Bandages will require less cotton to make and will be found on vendors again. They evidently didn’t mean to take them off the first time. Secret is that they didn’t but there were only like one or two vendors in the game that still had them. I’m not tellin’ which ones, cause I’m mean like that heh.

Fasteners will remain on vendors, which is totally bueno. I’ll still be able to pick up screws when I need them without scouring the countryside hoping that vehicles will drop something other than scrap effing rubber. This makes me a very happy creep. Next up, recipes will need fewer fasteners. Now that’s sweet. I mean it took a butt load of fasteners to craft ballistics items and vehicles. That makes me look forward to getting back into the dune buggy business. Ok that and my baby Reaver is gonna need an interceptor. She’s a hottie she deserves a sweet ride.

Now on to the goodies.

So for folks like me that purchased FE in the whenever, we get a permanent discount on the COMMANDER sub package. That means we get the sweet aura, quicker crafting, xp gain, DT gain, and faction gain. Since my gals can use all the xp and faction I can get on them, I’m going to be looking pretty critically at this one. The discount is about $10 (from $29.99 to $19.99). Saving $10 a month is fine by me. I’m totally down with that.

Thing is though I’m gonna try it out the first month before perma-subbing for it. I want to know if it’s worth the extra ‘chips’.

On top of the 3 pets and 3 vanity items we’ve already received, folks that have been subbed up from August through October will have three wardrobe slots unlocked. What the hell are wardrobe slots? Well they’re slots you can use to cover up the ugly ass armor you have to wear to survive in the wastelands.

Don't Fear the Reavers

That’ll be kinda nice for my little Reaver since I’ve been enjoying rocking the Greaser Jacket, a cowboy hat and a skirt. These items are CRAP for stats but like I said, she’s a little hotty so I go with it. That and she’s range, if things are getting close enough to get damage on her, I’m doing it wrong.

In the F2P Dev Blog Linus (Joseph) also went over the reasoning behind node randomization and the other economy changes. Honestly I like what he had to say, it made sense.

Before you say anything, I am NOT SPONSORED BY ANYONE. Just sayin. I shell out the cash for this site and all the words I put here are mine. Yeah I tend to be more upbeat and less picky about stuff, but that’s cause I focus all my bitchy rage in places where it belongs. PvP zones.

So that being said, the reasoning behind the changes is essentially player interaction. They’re hoping to force players to actually trade with one another. Pretty sure this was the reasoning behind the changes to the combat system as well.

It forces people to work together as a team.

I mean in the wastelands, this kind of makes sense because people that group together are gonna have a better shot at things. Not all of us can be Mad Max no matter how much we want to do the lone wolf thing.

What this is gonna do is force people to almost specialize in how they do things. Personally I enjoy just roaming around digging in trash and exploring the game. Now I can sell those mats or trade them to someone who’s got the patience to craft goodies. I like goodies.

The only downside I see is that it’s gonna be a bit of a burden on PvP’rs since it’s gonna mean that they will need a serious support system. Otherwise they will be spending less time in PvP and more time digging in trash to make the stuff they need.

If they’re smart they’ll just scavenge like crazy in PvP zones, sell off the goodies, then buy whatever crap they need to keep up their habbit. Yeah it’s easy to see PvP as an addiction heh.

So, that’s my take on what was found in the Fallen Earth F2P blog. You want to see the details, maybe give them some input, check it out for yourself here.

Until next time I’ll probably be out scouring the wastelands leveling up my Reaver (Kleineubel) and diggin’ in trash to fill up her new dune buggy (thanks Void Blade).

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11 years ago

Still bullshit! Wheres the new old combat system and meaningful factions! I’d rather look like i pooed myself in the wasteland and have working factions then poo myself and cover it up with more clothes. Get em Geisty.. be the voice of the hardcore people! Preach the werds! Combat! Factions! No more sparkle cycles.