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Well right now pretty much everyone in game is waiting to exhale.

The changes made to the economic system haven’t really made anyone happy. Mostly it’s the new totally randomized node placement. Moving rare nodes to PvP zones wasn’t a bad idea. Sadly though most of the mats picked up off the PvP nodes are getting vendored because no one has chips to buy the mats.

It’s like somebody at the game said “I got the kooky notion, let’s make give the game a player driven economy but make it impossible for people to make chips!”

So now until people start gathering enough stuff to put on the AH or they manage to build something to sell on the AH, it’s pretty damn difficult to make chips.

That is unless they collect stuff and vendor it off. NOT what was intended, let’s face it.

If they were trying to make Fallen Earth more like EvE online with respect to a player driven economy, they’re kind of failing right now. In EvE you know where to find asteroids, and you can spend a few hours floating around the damn things getting enough ore to sell of or start to build stuff.

In FE now nodes are totally randomized and all over the place. Now you can spend days scouring the wastes and you might find a few of the items your looking for. Sure that’s going to prevent gold farming, but what about frustrating your player base because they can’t collect the things they need to level their crafting?

Now that mats have been taken off vendors (for the most part) we have to rely on the Auction House for mats and let’s face it, talk about expensive.That and just putting stuff on the Auction House drives up prices because it costs so much just to put items up for Auction.

FE doesn’t have a system to place and fill orders like in EvE online so there is no instant sell either unless you go back to vendors. Let’s face it if you need a few chips waiting on an auction is no bueno. So there’s collected mats getting lost in the system instead of getting used for crafting just because the person collecting it needed chips now so that they could afford to do something like buy bandages, use fast travel, or fuel interceptors.

Yeah I’m not even using gas vehicles anymore. Any petrol I manage to find is getting saved for construction crafting. I’m back to rocking a pony. Sadly I can’t even make a decent cargo pony because one of the components is now impossible to find.

Yep, while they supposedly tweaked recipes to make it a little less arduous to craft, they also made it next to impossible to find some of the components required for crafting. While this patch should have given crafting a shot in the arm, what it really did was give it a kick in the pants.

I quit Fallen Earth a year ago. Why? Partially because I was checking out an open beta. But also because I realized that I was spending more time digging in trash than actually enjoying the game.

In Fallen Earth doing some scavenging is a zenlike experience if you have that kind of attitude. But let’s face it, I’d rather do more with my time than JUST scavenge for components.

Back then I had a LOT less time to play the game. When I was only playing a few hours a night, and those hours are spent doing nothing but farming for mats, it turned a fun game into an arduous chore.

All I was doing was trying to find enough fasteners to make a pair of pistols. In the end I still had to buy one or two off a vendor. Back then you were lucky to get 3 off a car. I mean I actually remember reading that someone announced in Region that they just scavenged a set of 5 fasteners off a car. THAT WAS A BIG DEAL.

When it takes 15 to make one vehicle component? When it takes 15 in all of the components for one pistol?


Right now it looks like Fallen Earth is going backwards, as if they’re re-engineering the game from scratch.

They’ve build a new very basic combat system. They’ve made it almost impossible to find useful components for crafting. Also the game has become increasingly laggy and buggy.


I think they’re trying to improve it for it’s free to play release.

Really though what they’re doing is losing the folks who’ve dedicated time and cash to the game. I can’t even say that they’re making a game that’ll be worth logging into even if players don’t have to pay a dime to do so.

I mean can you see people with just a few hours to play here and there actually spending weeks digging in trash just to build some weapons? Hell no they’re going to get frustrated, they’re going to leave, and they’re not going to spend a dime on the game.

That leads to failure of the game. That’s NOT something I want to see because I LOVE this game.

Yes the changes made in 1.9 (pretty much everything by Alpha County) makes me angry. It’s only because it really depresses me. Here’s a game with such potential. A game that was so different than anything out on the market. A game that captured the imagination of whoever let it get under their skin. Now I can’t even say what it’s becoming.

Is it still fun?

I can’t say. I’m hoping that once they get the node situation worked out, it will be at least fun to craft again. I’m hoping they get the lag worked out. I mean hell I even adapted to the new combat system. I don’t like it but I’m trying to cope with it.

There’s only so much that even I can take.

It will break my heart if they destroy Fallen Earth. It is one of the few ground breaking sand box MMO’s. It has in it’s own way proven that some elements of gameplay can make for a fun and engaging game experience. Let’s just hope that what makes Fallen Earth what it is, isn’t destroyed.

I still LOVE this game. All I can do is hope.

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Misbee Haven
Misbee Haven
11 years ago

Well stated and I feel the same way. 🙁

11 years ago

Good post, Creep. I’m just starting to feel realization of the following quote with certain components.

“But also because I realized that I was spending more time digging in trash than actually enjoying the game.”

Here’s hoping the future patches and tweaks make things a little more reasonable.