On the Fence...

Guess what wastelanders, the wait for the next patch is over. Tuesday October 4, 2011 patch 1.9.3 lands.

This is the happy patch that will change the in game economy. Whether it’ll be good, bad or ugly, well we’ll have to wait and see.

What looks interesting in the 1.9.3 patch notes?

Well aside from what we already know:

OK now here’s some new stuff:

This actually kinda comforting. Why? Well because let’s face it, the idea of having to replace my buffs every 30 minutes was starting to get pretty effing old. And then to hear that it was going to be a pain to find the components AND have to replace every 5 minutes? Oh yeah that was pretty much making the system look a little borked to me.

PvP is expensive. End of story. Fortunately with these changes I won’t have to spend a week getting ready for 2 hours worth of PvP. Fingers crossed. As it is I don’t see how I’ll be able to make much coin in the patch unless I retire from PvP and do nothing but craft buff items for PvP’rs. Chances are that might be what I end up doing.

Now if you want to read the patch notes for yourself you’ll find them here.

Until next time I’ll be getting lost somewhere in the wastelands digging in trash. Say hi if you see me online, or you know, shoot me in the back of the head if you’re a different faction.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart

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