Hoofy Needs a Moment

Yes folks, it’s official. Info for the Fallen Earth 2 Year Anniversary is up!





October 5, 2011
16:00 GMT for European players
4 PM PDT (7 PM EDT) for North and South American players

Capitols (Los Almos, Trader’s Flat, and New Flagstaff)
Faction Towns (Sectors 2, 3, 4, and Deadfall)
Battle Royal in New Flagstaff

Want more info? Check out the main FE page for the details.

Note this is gonna be a Faction deal so if you haven’t signed up for one yet, you can do so before the event.

Still on the fence about a faction? Well get down and choose a side dammit, it’s the wastelands for crying out loud. Pick a side. Then visit one of these folks depending on what side you choose:

Travelers – Speak to No-Neck in Credit Bend for the mission “Unpleasant Shapes,” “Imitated Humanity,” or “Wisdom’s Nearer When We Stoop”

Techs – Speak to Kelly Straub in Picus Ridge for the mission “A Closer Look”

Enforcers – Speak to Colin Zimmerman in Post 23 for the mission “Preventative Attack”

Lightbearers – Speak to Sister Tonja in Haven for the mission “Road Less Traveled”

Vistas – Speak to Tito Mendoza in Thorne’s Bluff for the mission “Judge Hunt”

CHOTA – Speak to a Claw of Redhand in Fracture for the mission “Test of Endurance”

And yeah I’m all CHOTA so don’t expect me to point you in any other direction.

See ya’ll if you log in, I’ll probably be on Geistig. Chances are getting my ass kicked but that’s NOTHING new. Till next time I’ll be goofing off in the wastes waiting for the 5th.




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