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OK so I have to admit that I am looking forward to the upcoming Anniversary Event. On a whim I figured I’d send an e-mail to Darek Connole (Gamers First Public Relations Manager) to yack about it and maybe get a little info.

Here’s a few questions I asked and what he was able to tell me.

Me: Is it something that’s gonna be open to all levels?

Darek: “Yes, it will be available to all levels!”

ME: Is it gonna be in all zones or just one or two? Since it’s going to be a faction deal it’d seem like it’d kinda start in S2, but that would leave out a bunch of the new players starting up in prep for the F2P change over.

Darek: “The event will take place across all zones, so players shouldn’t have to travel far to experience it.”

ME: It sounds like folks will be getting goodies for being part of the event, is there anything I can say about this to get folks pumped to log in?

Darek:  “you’ll have to log in to see.”

ME: Will it be available for folks on both Euro and US schedules?

Darek: “Yes, we’ll be doing the event for multiple time zones, so everyone can enjoy the fun.”

ME: The Dev blog said there’s going to be RP elements to the event, how can the RP community work with you guys to be a part of that planning or is it just a show up and enjoy kinda thing? (That kinda thing is always easier for PvP’rs just show up and we kick butt end of story heh).

Darek: “I’m going to go with it’s a “run whatchna brung” event”

ME: On the PvE side, will they have to worry about dealing with PvP folks coming after them or will they be able to enjoy the event without flagging up if they choose not to?

Darek: “The official word is, and I quote, “It’ll be PvEVERYTHING.””

ME: On the PvP side, will there be a reason to flag up and get in some fights?
Darek: “See last answer.”

OK so there ya go folks. Now I’ll just have to get my butt logged in to the game when this event goes live. I’m actually looking forward to this.

What parts will I participate in? I have no freakin’ clue. I am just looking forward to having a nice goof off day.

A big thanks goes out to Darek and the FE crew for answering some questions for me off the cuff. I so owe those guys a beer next time I see them.

Until next time I’ll be getting lost in the wastelands. If you see me on just say hi, or harass me, or well whatever.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart

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