With the Setting Sun

Well it’s been pretty quiet in game lately. Most of they guys have stockpiled everything they need to be ready for the new patch. I’ve got my gathering skills pushed up more or less enough for now. I don’t have a bunch of stuff collected, mostly because I’ve been spending ALL of my time fighting. Nothing wrong with that really but once in a while a gal needs some time off.

While I’m taking some time AFK I’ve been contemplating the upcoming changes. I’ve also been thinking about how many of the people have quit the game over the last few months. Either they’re off into new games, they’re burnt out and are taking a break, they’re just frustrated as hell over the new combat system, or maybe they’re just tired of server lag.

Thing is I think I’ve made some pretty strong friendships just through playing Fallen Earth. Not exactly a new experience for me since I tend to be the lone wolf type off doing my own thing 99% of the time.

Ok so I get distracted by shinies… so sue me.

It’s lame that I don’t get to hang out with the folks who aren’t playing anymore. A lot of folks I’ve been able to keep in touch with out of game like I do with my blog buddies via G+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s not the same, but it’s better than losing a friend.

It seems like right now there’s kind of a changing of the guard taking place. A lot of the folks that started the game, made it what it was, are stepping aside. Now I guess it’s up to the new folks to find their place in the wastelands and cope with the new combat system.

I’ve been trying, but my melee crafter was so much more fun under the old system. Geisty as a pistol healer under the new system just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve been trying to keep up and keep the guys going. Honestly though I’m getting burnt out. That and it’s not like we’re fighting against people who just enjoy PvP, we’re fighting against a bunch of whiny gankers. It’s not even fun stomping them into the ground.

I figure I’ll get back to the game once the patch lands and check out the changes. I might even get some more scavving in before then, but not promising.

Until next time I’ll be AFK more than likely, but if you see Geistig or Sonja Blackheart on line, feel free to say hi, WTF or just harass me for a while. I’m getting used to it.

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