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Yesterday there was a very interesting event held in New Flagstaff. An enforcer Alex Delazorra wanted to hold a motivational event to unite the Enforcers against their factional enemies and end infighting within the Enforcer factions.

See thing is there are gankers in game that are willing to shoot anyone flagged up no matter what faction they’re in. That was the motivation for Alex’s speech.

Before his speech, in New Flag, the guy advertised all over the place to bring together all Enforcers. Sadly he also made a post on the Fallen Earth Roleplayer’s Haven website where he made some comments against an enforcer clan called Fall of the Legends. Yep that was a clan I’d been in for a short time, and I can tell you they didn’t take it well.

This guy, Alex Delazorra has also made a few enemies. I don’t know all the details, but thing is that on a small server if you make an ass of yourself everyone hears about it. Also everyone takes sides.

Fallen Earth is one of the few games I’ve ever been in where you can actually make a name for yourself in game. Both in positive light or in a negative one, the choice is yours.

Safe to say that a lot of people showed up just to heckle Alex Delazorra, especially after he’d engaged in forum PvP with folks from all factions leading up to the event.

Honestly I feel kind of bad for the Enforcers that showed up. Chances are they were feeling kind of embarrased for being there and trying to listen to the guy when a bunch of folks, even Enforcers, were heckling him. I was there as one of the riff raff helping chide the guy. At the time I thought it was ok, now I’m not so sure.

Regardless, the CHOTA and Travelers that showed up ended up having a pretty good time, even continuing the party after the speech ended. We were having so much fun that both GM’s Radash and Shento showed up to party with us for a while.

That’s another thing I love about this game, the GM involvement is unparalleled.

The CHOTA and Travs even partied a bit with the Enforcers that were chided by Alex Delazorra. Yeah that wasn’t true factional realism, but sometimes you just have to cut loose. That and they weren’t PvP flagged so I there wasn’t much else to do.

I didn’t hang out too long since I’ve got a lot of grinding to do to get up to my 720K faction gear as well as getting some grinding in on getting my consumable crafting up to par.

Later I heard from a friend that Alex Delazorra was gonna quit the game if the speech didn’t go the way he wanted it to. It did NOT go the way he wanted it to.

Sadly that actually conflicts with one of my in game goals which is actually helping others to enjoy Fallen Earth, continue playing the game, and get their friends to join them.

I want to see Fallen Earth grow, not bleed out players because of petty differences.

In then end though I know that one person can’t make others see things the same way. I can’t make all this guy’s enemies stop dancing in delight at seeing the guy go. I also probably can’t show the guy that he could have handled the event differently and maybe seen better results if he had.

While I did enjoy seeing a lot of my friends getting together for the first time in a long time. Especially seeing a lot of new people getting into the scene, that makes me real happy too.

Moral of the story though is this, in a game with one server, word travels. You can’t be nice to everyone and you do have to pick sides. Thing is though you can’t piss on your friends and expect them to have your back.

In Fallen Earth, life is PvP. You’re gonna make enemies and that means you’re gonna need friends.

Until next time I’ll be with my friends out grinding in the wastes.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart

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