Finally Geistig has her 540K faction gear. I’ve been working on this like crazy since I got joined KAOS. Well yeah getting my CHOTA faction above my Traveler faction was priority one, but next yeah, this stuff.

Getting into fights is the quickest way to get faction and since you get Death Toll too it’s a win win. Flipping towers in faction towns is also a good way to build up faction. I was bad though and mostly scavenged chips in Office Park and hit up faction Vets, both in Deadfall. I did also complete some CHOTA quests out in Alpha County. Once I get a group together I’ll probably work on finishing those up.

Once you get the faction you’ll have to get the armor from the faction vendors in Sector 3. This is still technically level 45/50 stuff so I’ve got a ways to go before I get up to the good stuff.

I picked up the individual pieces which means that I’ll have to repair each piece after big battles. I’ll probably want to make sure I craft a crap load of armor kits, they’ll get used.

I picked up the individual pieces though so I could parts out the faction gear with some Death Toll gear. I do have some Death Toll banked up. Currently though I’m not sure if I want to part out the faction gear with some DT gear for a stats boost, or if I want to bank my DT in the hopes that new DT armor for level 55 is released.

So far no one’s seen it yet, but who knows.

In the mean time I’m just going to work up to the level 55 CHOTA faction gear. I think I have another 200,000 or so faction points to go. Not as big of a grind as getting up to the 540k from 0, but still a little bit of a wait.

I’ll have to post on the specifics on the Alpha County level 55 faction gear as I progress on picking it up. I’d pretty much just been focused on getting my 540k gear up to this point.

Until next time I’m gonna be trying out my new gear in the wastelands.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart

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