Headless Shiva Are Always Good for a Laugh

Lately a lot of people are making their way back to Fallen Earth.

Hoofhearted (KAOS) logged in today! I hadn’t seen him for months so I’m totally glad to see him back in the game. The wastelands just aren’t the same without Hoofie’s own brand of chaotic violence.

My buddy Monthi is checking out Fallen Earth again, which reminds me that I’ve got to check in on him and make sure he’s getting on ok.

Oh and my best friend surprised the hell out of me by sending me a tell in game after he re-activated his Fallen Earth account.That was totally unexpected since he’d been living it up in Rift. I’m glad to see him back in Fallen Earth, especially since he’s the one that got me playing Fallen Earth last year.

Over the last year there’s been so many changes in Fallen Earth. If you think about it there’s even been a lot of changes since I got back in the game after my AFK July. We have Alpha County which I personally love (except for the lions, but we won’t go there). Fast travel totally rules now. There’s so many more locations you can travel to AND you don’t have to hang out for an hour until you can Fast Travel again. Who’d have thunk it? Consumables only last for half an hour, but they don’t die with you which saves you a little cash if you tend to die a lot (sadly I know that from experience, but we’re not talking about that either lol). We’ve also had to deal with the major combat revision as well as a few tweaks here and there to start dialing in the system. But then again now I can heal while running around like a mad woman, so hey, I can dig it.

I logged in chatting with my in game little brother Ardenn who I introduced to Los Alamos after I handed him a couple of Ballistics Repair Kits. I was surprised that in all of Ardenn’s wanderings he hadn’t made it out to Los Alamos yet. I know he’d been in Deadfall but somehow he’d avoided the “big city”. Considering the fact that the crazy guy has been running around pretty much perma PvP flagged since like level 13 or something it’s probably a good thing.

I kinda wanted to hang out with Ardenn and show him around a bit, but duty called. There were Enforcers trying to take Haietta. So I hit the Los Alamos cloner and dialed up Trader’s Flat. I still had a whole bunch of ammo for Hoofhearted in my bags that I finally got mailed off to him after the first couple of skirmishes in Haietta. Since Hoof is going rifles we had to make sure that he had plenty of ammo to get started with.

While I was getting thoroughly trounced by the guys after the Enforcers stopped flipping towers I got a tell from one of the oldest names on my friends list Sorrow Darkwatch. After hearing me go on and on about Fallen Earth PvP, my buddy whom I usually call Savvy, decided that he wanted to check it out for himself. I can’t complain especially since he was totally willing to go CHOTA.

It looked like the guys had things under control in Haietta I figured I’d hop on my 20 something alt Sonja Blackheart. I had her drink the sauce weeks ago and still hadn’t re-factioned her from Enforcer to CHOTA. I figured it’d be a great way to get Blackheart CHOTA’d as well as introduce Savvy to Fallen Earth factions. OK and I gave him a quick demonstration of 1v1 PvP. I mean if he’s coming back to get in some PvP I had to show him what he was getting into (hehehehe).

I let the guys know where I was and Hoofie sent an invite to Blackheart so now she’s rocking the KAOS tag too. I’m pretty stoked about that since I never thought I’d see that combo. I’m totally loving it though.

It was awesome meeting up with my buddy again in Fallen Earth, but before we could run out doing what we do best (which is pretty much killing anything and everything in sight) we spent an hour or so figuring out how to set him up for Melee. I mean I have a vague notion of what you want to put AP into if you’re going to be Melee but I’m no expert. For now we went for the basics going for Strength, Coordination, Armor Use, Dodge, Melee, as well as a little bit of Precision and a bunch of Power.

That build might have to be tweaked a little if he prefers using the one handers over a heavy hitting 2 hander. Power is designed to increase damage dealt with heavy hitting weapons like 2 handers and shotties. Hence why I picked it up for Blackheart’s build.

Precision increases the percentages of your critical hits as you dump AP into the skill. Precision, at least according to the Fallen Earth Dev Blog, is designed to work with faster weapons like single handed weapons and I’m thinking even light ammunition pistols and assault rifles. While Power and Precision have been tweaked since that was posted, the newer posts don’t go back on what was originally posted and from what I’ve seen in game it kind of works the same way.

So chances are while Power works great in my shot gun/sniper rifle build on Blackheart, I’m not sold that it’s going to be the best way to go for my buddy. Especially since he’ll want to put points into Dirty Tricks for some of the handy skills found there. I’ll have to pester the guys and see what they suggest.

Right now I really only know more about rifles and pistols since that’s what I’ve been using since the last patch. I’m really digging using the shotty on Blackheart and I think I’m going to enjoy leveling her up just to have a more PvP focused toon.

Geistig has really become crafting focused. I think that once I get Blackheart leveled up high enough I’ll probably set her up as my PvP focused toon. If I can revise Geistig’s build to pump points into the Social skill as well as dumping points in the crafting stats, she’ll be able to buy and build all the goodies I need. That pretty much means that she won’t be super handy for fighting, but that’s where I’m thinking Blackheart may shine.

Either way I’ve got a bit of a wait since I need to do a LOT of work on Geisty’s crafting and Blackheart is a whopping 23. Meh when don’t I have a lot of work to do in an MMO though right?

The point of all this though is that I’m looking forward to getting my buddy into the same kind of furball fights that I’ve been enjoying in Fallen Earth for months now. While it might mean that I take time away from level 55 PvP, I’m not too worried about it. For now I’m actually looking forward to leveling another toon. Although I will hop on Geistig whenever there’s action, I mean after all I’m not going to turn down a chance to get into a fight.

I’m just hoping that the lag cuts down a bit. Today it was nuts.That of course wasn’t great timing.I’m trying to talk up the game to my buddy meanwhile the server is acting up and making me look bad. Lag, how I loath thee.

Anyways until next time I’m going to be getting lost in the wastelands, hit me up if you see me around.

Geistig/Sonja Blackheart (KAOS)

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