Need Gamma

Picture this if you will, one crazy gal who less than a year ago was a total care bear in games. Now picture that same gal getting hooked on PvP. Not you’re tame MMO PvP, where you’re mouse clicking away, you can’t hurt friendlies, you can’t heal foes, and everyone’s fighting over an ‘effing flag. No I’m talking about the merciless PvP of a free for all first person shooter.

Oh yeah….

PvP in Fallen Earth can be brutal. If you’re not paying attention you can end up hitting your team mates ’cause friendly fire isn’t blocked in Fallen Earth. You can accidentally heal an enemy if you have them selected while you’re trying to fight. There’s no game mechanic that stops it. You really have to pay attention to what’s going on. It really makes battles a lot tougher. The crazy bit though is that to me it seems like it’s so much more rewarding than PvP in the other MMO’s I’ve played.

A good computer and good peripherals help, but if you don’t have presence of mind that $80 mouse isn’t going to do jack for ya. End of story. You still have to know what buttons to push even if your mouse is covered with them.

Also you’re build is everything. A good PvP build decides who’s getting or giving that t-bag. Right now…. my build sucks ass. Until I have the time and patience to get that worked out again I’m just running around as a healing bitch. But I’m good at what I do, and yes I am a bitch so I’m cool with it.

One other bitch of a thing to deal with though is the pre PvP grind. For those 5 minutes of adrenaline, I spend hours working my little CHOTA butt off. I’m either grinding for chips, leveling trade skills, or buying whatever I can’t make just to be prepared for a fight at any time. These days I don’t pass up a fight. Win or lose I always walk away with a little Death Toll and Faction so every fight is a good fight.

I can say I’ve recieved a LOT of help. I mean Mr Hateful (Exile) gave me my pistols. Reaven (Saints) helped me out a ton with builds. Misbee Haven (KAOS) has helped me practice and has given me a ton of pointers. And whenever I run out of something mid battle (which I try like hell not to do) someone always steps up to help me out, whether it’s with some buff foods or some bandages. I can’t thank these folks enough. Without that help there’s no way I’d continue to get my butt kicked on a regular basis and yet keep coming back for more.

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through that grind. Why I put myself up in front of the firing squad. I mean there’s so many other things I could be doing. Gawd knows my ex would have liked to get me off the computer more often.

Thing is though right now there’s nothing else that compares to those five minutes when I’m healing the guys and gals of Fallen Earth through a brutal furball fight.

Sidestepping bullets, dodging knives, I’m doing everything in my power to keep myself alive. The longer I stay alive, the longer my gamma and stamina pool are reserved for nothing more than keeping my peeps off the ground.

When we win a battle, to me, it’s pretty freakin’ epic. Even if I don’t manage to get a single kill shot off during a fight, I’m working my ass off to keep people alive.

I really enjoyed being a hard hitter in the last patch. Geistig could put out some serious damage with her build. In this patch I’m still working on doing that as ranged DPS. I’m still getting the hang of swapping over from melee to pistols. That being said, for the time being I’m racing around healing for the most part and waiting for clear shots at enemy targets.

Why not just try to shoot everybody? You might ask. Well for one I don’t want to have to heal a clan mate because I just pumped lead into their ass. I’d much rather try to keep them healed up while they have clear shots at the enemy.

This means the enemy is forced on expending their energy on their abilities and keeping themselves healed. Meanwhile my guys and gals only have to work on beating the piss out of the other side. Something about that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Ok for being cute I have a teeny tiny mean streak. I promise I only let it out once in a while and I don’t feed it after midnight.

PS yeah that is another thing about Fallen Earth I should reserve for another post. There are a lot of gals who play Fallen Earth and I really like that. So two thumbs up to all the ladies of Fallen Earth. Keep kicking ass.

If someone told me I’d be this into PvP just 6 months ago, I’d have told them that they needed a check up from the neck up. Thing is though I got totally hooked that first day I threw up my PvP flag and ran around New Flagstaff giggling like a maniac. Yeah sometimes it’s frustrating, sometimes it’s maddening, but for the most part it’s just wicked fun to fight.

Until next time, I’m getting Geisty lost in the wastelands, probably chasing after more KAOS and hoping my gamma holds out.

-Geistig- (KAOS)

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