We finally have a date for when Fallen Earth goes Free to Play! Linus posted today on the Fallen Earth Developer blog about all the details including the prices.

The subscription packages start at a whopping $0 and go up to $29.99. It looks like only the folks who go in for the $29.99 package can share the “Commander Aura” which can boost stats for the players in the other subscription packages.

Keep in mind that these are still scheduled for balancing, but this is definitely looking closer to final.

They also announced that there will be Veteran rewards. It looks like we’ll get a free subscription upgrade once F2P goes live, some free marketplace items, and a Veteran Reward item that hasn’t been announced yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what that is.

It looks like there will also be some more world events which will be awesome for PvE folks. Linus mentioned that there will be more content for PvP players, but I didn’t really see anything specified in the article. Hopefully they don’t try to combine the PvE world events with PvP. That NEVER goes over well because a lot of the folks that really enjoy PvE don’t enjoy PvP.

I do look forward to seeing how these are implemented though. They sound pretty exciting. I mean being able to change the lore of a game based on player interaction? That’s huge!

It looks like there’s also going to be an event celebrating Fallen Earth’s 2 years in operation. It’s going to be a faction deal so that should be pretty huge. Hopefully it’ll help me grind enough faction to get at least my 540k gear set.

Oh yeah I need to get to work on that tonight too, hehehe.

For more details check out the post on the Fallen Earth Dev Blog!

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