So hey we’re all wondering just what life in the wastelands is going to be like once Fallen Earth goes Free to Play. A lot of the details are still on the drawing board. The good news is that some details are starting to be released.

Here’s the current PROPOSED Membership Structure:

Remember proposed means that this isn’t final yet, but it’s a step closer to how things are going to shape up.

OK the upside to this membership structure is that the top membership tier would have increased crafting and scavenging speed as well as increased XP and Death Toll gain. What’s not to love about that?

Death Toll…. enough said.

The downside is that XP gain and crafting for F2P players shows at less than default. While yeah that doesn’t look great on face value, there is a bit of a twist to this. At this point the plan is to have auras in the game that subscribed players can share even with non subbed members. So if the subbed member pops an XP aura and shares that with an F2P team member, boom the XP issue is resolved.

Yes this membership structure does give people incentive to sub up. If nothing else increased crafting speed pays for a membership. Do you know how long it takes just to make a Dune Buggy? *shudders*

Though the free to play players won’t receive the same benefits the subbed members will, the current plan is that they won’t actually be at a loss. Well that is as long as they make some friends. That’s where the auras come into play. If an F2P player has a subbed friend with auras that boost XP or whatever the auras may end up doing, the F2P player benefits from the subbed player’s generosity.

While on face value it seems kind of strange, let’s do a tear down on this one. Lots of us have friends that skip around from game to game. I used to until I got sucked into Fallen Earth. Most of my friends still do. Thing is though they may want to come and hang out in Fallen Earth once in a while or even see an in game live event or something. Well as an F2P player they’d be able to do that without having to sub for Fallen Earth. Then if they want to play a little I could run with them to give them an XP boost.

Let’s also consider the spamtastic gold farmers who’d probably love to abuse the hell out of an F2P toon and ruin the in game economy. Hey I know the in game economy is already wacky, but throw these guys in and it’d never stabilize. To me it looks like the receive only aspect to mail and decreased ability to craft really seems more like a method of slowing down chip farmers. Then again I could just be huffing something.

Although seeing F2P player limitations on Fallen Earth Global Chat (aka Barrens Chat) speaks volumes.

The decreased crafting hours for F2P players does seem like a hamstring to crafting. By the way, crafting is one of the coolest parts of Fallen Earth. Keep in mind though, if a person really gets into crafting, they’re probably going to want to sub up just to get that crafting bonus. Personally I see this as a boon to full crafters in that they’ll be able to make and supply folks who either won’t have the time or the desire to craft. To me that’s a bit of a win.

Like I said right now all of this is still in the planning stages so everything I’ve said here is subject to change. From what I can see it looks ok. Then again I’ve been subbed to the game for months now and don’t plan on changing that any time soon so for me bonus XP, faster Crafting and faster Scavenging sound freaking awesome. We’ll all just have to keep an eye on the Fallen Earth Dev Blog to see how things shape up.

Until next time I’ll be grinding faction in the wastes. Hit me up at the Enforcer vets if you want to say hi, well unless you’re an Enforcer, that could get awkward. Funny, but awkward.

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