Per request I’m posting some screenies of Alpha County. The wall of text includes some survival hints I’ve discovered and received while out and about in AC.

First of a wee bit of lore, promise, just a bit. The thing about AC is that it is a total wasteland. If you remember your Fallen Earth history, pretty much the whole planet is a wasteland aside from small pockets of civilization thriving within low radiation zones.

Alpha County had been a full radiation zone until fairly recently. Of course now that the radiation is at safe levels it’s ok to send in the tourists err I mean us clones. Then again clones are always going where we aren’t supposed to go but that’s a side note.

Safe to say the landscape is permanently altered. That and after years of barely surviving the radiation the plants and animals are heavily mutated and some of them are downright cranky.

That’s part of what makes AC look so wild. Totally wild enough to be worth checking out even if it’s a bit of a ride.

So how do you get to AC? Well the great wall that blocks AC from the rest of the canyon is found at the tail end of Terminal woods. You can get there by driving from Tanner’s field and on south. You follow the road as it goes past the Shiva’s, winds around the evil bunnies, past the horrible uneven bit of road and boom before you know it you can see the wall. Once there you’ll see a garage and a cloner. Park your mount and hit the cloner. You’ll be able to teleport right into Alpha County.

Now here’s a little on what to expect while IN AC.

Road Out of Order

Travel in AC is a pain. The map is heavily textured with canyons, crags, hills, mountains, pipes, fractured roadways, and these bastard lions with a killer stun. I hate the lions. I hate them so much.

First off, unless you want to stick to the roads leave your Interceptor in Deadfall. If you thought using an Interceptor in Deadfall was nuts, in AC they’re pretty much useless off the roads. This is where either a Dune Buggy or a Blight Wolf will be your best option.

The Blight Wolf by the way has been called a fuzzy Jeep, and yeah that totally fits the bill. The Blight Wolf is able to run up some crazy inclines AND it can jump over the craggy terrain these two features make it bar none the best mount for AC.

The Blight Wolf is a Deadfall faction mount by the way. You pick up this mount after completing a quest chain, grinding some rep, and then completing another quest chain for the Shiva’s Favored in Deadfall. The work for that is a quest chain is a post of it’s own that I’ll have to write that up later. While a bit of a pain and requiring a boat load of medium rifle ammo, it’s TOTALLY worth the time and effort for a mount that can pretty much go anywhere.

I still manage to get it stuck sometimes. Ask Chunga (Game Masters). But I’m talented.

Now that you have your mount of choice here’s the next travel hazard in AC, lions. These bastards throw a wicked stun that throws you out of your mount and hits you so hard that your weapons won’t equip. I kid you not.

Here’s how you get around that. First off go into your actions and in the “General” section pull “Mount” and put it on your action bar. Now when one of those lions hit you with the stun, click or hot key that ability then mow that bastard down.

Finally, and this is probably one of the biggest rules in AC, bring a friend. A lot if the AC content is rough and pretty much designed to be team oriented. I’m sure you can solo some of it if you want to, but hey if you can rope someone else into helping out why not right?

Shackleton (just behind the wall)

Hopefully some of these tips will help make your introduction to AC a bit easier. The content is another story entirety. That however I’ll leave to you, no spoilers here!

Chances are my time in AC will be spent grinding faction or having some fun in Blockade. So till next time I’ll be battling in the wastelands.

Geistig (KAOS) – CHOTA

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11 years ago

That’s one crazy mount you have there. Very nice that you must pick the right mount for the right terrain.