Life is PvP
My little Geistig is growing up… again.
I had been out of games for about a month on personal matters, but now I’m back. Patch 1.9 meant Alpha County finally dropped.

With Alpha County we have 5 more levels, a whole new zone, new faction areas and a new faction tier and gear, oh AND we have cars with guns. Yes that’s right the Security Model Interceptor has also been released.

I LOVE Alpha County. Yes a lot of people don’t like it. I can see why, I mean it looks like Tim Burton does Sci-Fi. But since I love Burton stuff and I love Sci-Fi, it’s all win for me. There’s not much in the way of chips to be made from the missions, but the missions in Alpha County are designed to be group based content. Sadly no soloing it out in Alpha County, but hey if you’ve got some good friends it’s no biggie.

Just avoid the Lions. Those things suck.

1.9 also meant that they finally dropped the changes to the combat system. Fortunately I missed a lot of the combat change QQ and other issues that happened just after patch 1.9 dropped so I won’t go into that. All I do know from the folks I play with is that I’m lucky I got back when I did. Before patch 1.9.2 the new combat system was “not as much fun” to put it mildly.

Patch 1.9.2 over all, lowered health, nerfed my beloved Kinetic Hammers, and gave us a butt load of Fast Travel points.

I’ll miss my hammers, but I’ll take the Fast Travel points.

Sadly though unlocking the Fast Travel points is a real pain in the ass. You see there’s basically an awesome one time event for players where they feed supplies to the life net pods in exchange for them unlocking fast travel to that location. Thing is though it randomly spits out quests to accept alternate items. I agree with the other players that there should just be a list that we can click on to donate what we have. Otherwise you can spend a couple of hours aborting the quests you don’t want while trying to get to the quest you do want so you can actually turn in what you have.

I think myself, Mr Hateful (Outlanders) and Tanner Compton (KAOS) spend what felt like forever trying to turn in common copper to get a lifenet pod unlocked in Alpha County. The good news is though, once it’s done, it’s done.

As for me in the new patch? Well I begged a good friend to get into a clan called KAOS. I’ve had a ton of fun with these guys already. They are closely allied with a clan called the Saints. For the most part these two clans are pretty dominant in Fallen Earth PvP. That’s not the reason I joined KAOS. I asked to join up because I love the folks in KAOS. Not everyone does. Not my problem.

Now here’s another downside to the new patch, melee crafting viability in pvp is pretty nill now. Mostly because there just isn’t enough AP to boost DPS enough on a melee crafter, and heal, and still be able to craft. Melee it’s self has received a bit of a knock in the new combat system, but people who do it well can still be competitive.

In PvE the Melee crafter is still viable so for PvE folks, live it up!

My toon Geistig, was a melee crafter under the old build. In the new system I’ve set up Geisty as a pistoleer. I went with pistols for consistent DPS as recommended by my friend Reaven (Saints). Thanks to some help from my good friend Mr Hateful, I ended up with a pair of Pink Fuzzy Bunny pistols. Yes they are pink, which for me is kind of embarrassing since I’m not a pink kind of gal. I can’t argue with the numbers though at 94.2 DPS, 124 ballistics damage, and a damage output of a minimum of 60 max of over 100 (from each pistol heh). Safe to say I can do some damage with those.

Besides it’s kind of awesome hearing in vent “those things hurt, can you not hit me with those?”.

Right now there is a LOT going on in Fallen Earth and one post really isn’t going to cut it. There’s new faction gear. There are progress towns (which by the way are VERY neat). There’s a whole new map which includes and new PvP zone.

For me the game has come alive due to clan I’m in. Being in a good clan or guild in any MMO makes or breaks the game.

What really MAKES Fallen Earth, hands down, are the players. Left to it’s self Fallen Earth is a unique and fascinating game. But what really draws you in and keeps you hooked are the people you find while getting lost in the wasteland.

I have a lot more I want to write up and I plan to do that in the future. Until next time I’m going to be battling it out in the wastelands.

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11 years ago

Tried to google “Alpha County” screenshots to see what it looks like. When I think of Tim Burton I think of “Mars Attacks” and wonder if Alpha County looks like that.

Pam S.
11 years ago

Glad you’re back. I’ve heard of the names KAOS and the Saints. Kind of the cool thing about everybody being on one server, you don’t have the fractured community.