As I’m typing this I’ve got the Rift patcher downloading away in the background. I was chatting it up with an old blogging buddy of mine Skeleton Jack and well I’m not sure how much longer Fallen Earth is going to keep my attention.

Trust me it’s not the game. The game is just fine. It’s the fact that the people I played with when last I logged in have kind of scattered to the winds. I guess it’s kind of flippant of me to not want to go out and make new friends, and chances are I may want to log back into Fallen Earth to do just that later.

For now though I really just want to log into a game and melt some faces. While yes in real life I play a mild mannered geek, online I really, really enjoy combat. Hey what I can’t do in real life I get to enjoy online. I get to enjoy going to beautiful places, meeting new and interesting people, and then killing them one by one in a bloody rampage.

Right now I can really use some good supportive friends as well as a chance to really blow off some steam. I’m hoping that spending a few days in Rift will give me the chance to do that.

Hopefully here soon I’ll be rolling a cleric, joining the Defiant side, and then setting off to create a little bit of mayhem. Like I said… hopefully.

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