Well I’ve been without a gaming rig for 4 weeks now. Wow it was a lot longer than I thought, no wonder I’m having withdrawals.

Due to some IRL things I’ve had to toss my gaming rig in storage and run across the country.

Sadly I don’t really have time for games right now, hell I don’t really have time to blog.

I do however just want to start logging just what I want in a new machine. Mostly so that when I go to actually buy one I’ll get what I want.

For years I’ve been using a desktop gaming rig. Lately though I’m seriously considering swapping out for a notebook. I don’t do that much traveling, but I do really want to have a more portable gaming rig. Having to be stuck to the wall to play games just isn’t working for me anymore. That and I’ve noticed that not having one machine to use is driving me nuts.

The manufacturers I’m looking at for now are:

I considered Asus and a few others, but the form factors were just too large. I’m not a big person so something that’s 16 inches is just too big for me to haul around.

From the builds I’ve looked at so far I’m going to want to budget around 2 to 3 grand for the machine. Kind of painful, but for once I want a machine that’ll do what I need it to do instead of just limping a machine along by parting it out here and there.


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11 years ago

so in your opinion what is the best mobile gaming rig a fella should buy??