Sabotage Beroya Valin and Geistig - Noks Securty

So tonight I actually got to roll as security for the ever popular “Fight Club” conducted by Mr Hateful and the Outlanders. It’s a really fun bare knuckle boxing event held every few weeks in Fallen Earth.

Contenders fight within their level bracket for fun and prizes. It’s like Blood Sports but with a chance to get an interceptor.

GM Shento also attended and gave out full re-spec injectors to the winners. Pretty friggin’ cool if you ask me.

KAOS wasn’t around to roll security for the event so the Dreadnoks stepped up. Tonight it was Sabotage, Beroya Valin and myself on Geistig. We pretty much have security at these events to take out anyone who wants to roll in and farm for Death Toll at what’s supposed to be a fun and friendly event.

It’s sad we have to do this, but hell this is the wastelands. And let’s face it, there’s douches in every game.

Fall of the Legends in New Flag

After “Fight Club” I logged over to my toon Sonja Blackheart. She’s my up and coming Enforcer Rifle Support. She’s also a Badger in the Fall of the Legends.

Seems like thanks to some time spent in New Gallows by myself and Haust Valin, we managed to help get Fall of the Legends on KoS (Kill on Sight) with a Traveler clan called The Browncoats.

Word is that The Browncoats are another RP clan. They had two members of their clan in New Gallows at the same time Haust and I were grinding faction.

Unfortunately the Browncoats members thought it’d be a gas to snipe at the Enforcer camp while Haust and I were trying to build it up. There were some other folks there too an Enforcer and two Lightbearers from the 97th Regiment. Not a clan I know anything about. They were getting hammered pretty hard by the Traveler snipers.

Haust and I took out out the snipers. The snipers called for help. I got killed, but Haust took them out too. So then things escallated further when we called in help and some level 30’s and one 50 arrived. Thing is that The Browncoats called in 30’s and 50’s as well.

Haust Valin and my rifle toter Sonja Blackheart killed the level 50 from The Browncoats. Haust also went on to take out a level 50 Vista sniper farming Death Toll in New Gallows.

The Browncoats are displeased that a Fall of the Legends 50 managed to get one hit in on a low level member of their clan. They of course let everyone know all about it in Traveler chat.

Not sure if they let everyone know that they also had a 50 out there and that a 30’s ish member also arrived. Why the let that info slide? Could it be because 2 players with level 22 and 20 toons smoked a level 50 Browncoat?

Considering the fact that my “main” is a Traveler, the whole thing makes me ill. Guess we were supposed to just let those guys kill us and not fight back or call for back up. We probably didn’t need to call for back up really, but it’s fun that the Fall of the Legends are a tight enough group that they’re willing to roll out to help their members.

The Browncoats issued a KoS on any flagged Fall of the Legends members. Thing is though that it seems like they’re only willing to go after Fall of the Legends members who are flagged but rolling solo.

This might not be the case, but so far the only hit they’ve made on Fall of the Legends members was just a one on one battle. When they were asked if they wanted to flag up and battle it out in New Flag after the “Fight Club” event, they declined.

Yeah they were goaded into a fight and decided not to go in for it. We were all a bit bummed since we were getting ourselves pumped up for a fight.

Fall of the Legends members hanging around with nothing to do at that point just decided to have a pvp free for all. I equipped my Betsy rocket launcher and just blasted anything and everything. By the way the Betsy rocket launcher does little to no damage. It’s like bringing a water gun to a bazooka fight.

That, at least, was a lot of fun.

We’re hoping that things with The Browncoats settle down soon and that maybe a fun inter-clan rivalry will start up. Right now though it just looks like an effing comedy of errors all the way around.

I have been in a rofl stomp situation that was WAY worse than this and had to just let it go. After all, it’s just a game.

Until next time I’m going to be goofing off in the wastes.

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