At this point it’s pretty damn official that Fallen Earth is going Free to Play (F2P). Question is what does this mean for those of us that are die hard players of the game? Right now the Fallen Earth F2P transition blog is all sunshine and rainbows.

I can’t blame them though they are trying to put a good face on something that is kind of scary to most gamers. I mean who really likes the idea of a game they love getting changed around.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of F2P games. Usually because the limitations on the free side of it pretty much leave you paying like crazy regardless.

At least they will be working with a tiered model. I like that idea. Right now folks that stay subbed up will get something special once the transition to F2P is complete. That and we’ll get some bennies like not having to pay the full price for the top subscription tier.

The top subscription tier will also have access to “auras” that you can share over a group. Probably xp gains or things like that. At least that’s what I’m thinking. If it becomes a damage or damage mitigation based aura I can see that being a serious tease for the PvP crowd. Then again I’m sure that the dev team will take that into consideration.

When it comes to the PvE crowd, I can see the F2P thing helping them actually. More bodies means more people to help complete team based content and more people to sell crap to. Really for PvE folks, it’s just a win situation. That is unless they totally botch up coming content and or the influx of peeps required to conquer the group content in Alpha County doesn’t happen. That’s being super pessimistic though and I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna let that happen.

Sadly though I am concerned for the RP community. Yeah I know shut it.

The RP community in Fallen Earth is unique and actually fun to sneak into. Thing is that an influx of rude newbs could make RP totally annoying if not completely impossible. See there is no RP server in Fallen Earth everyone is on a single server like it or not. On the flip side though there’s folks that don’t want to pay a monthly sub just to participate in RP so chances are the community might grow as folks who wouldn’t sub up say “it’s free, hells yeah.”

I’m also thinking that adding cosmetic items to the item shop will probably have some of the RP’rs drooling.

Personally I stick to my armor. I look at it this way… if I was out in the wastelands living hand to mouth, I wouldn’t be wandering around in a leather skirt. I’d be wearing armor head to toe and armed to the teeth. That’s just me though. I’d be like that in real life but don’t think I could get away with it.

OK back to the topic at hand. I will continue to play Fallen Earth. Right now I’m so invested in the game that really nothing else tickles my fancy.

I might check out Star Wars the Old Republic, especially if I manage to get a beta key. That’s not rolling out for a few more months though.

I do have some IRL crap to take care of… Time to move again and an extended trip. Sadly that’s gonna impact my game time and some of the in game plans I have at the moment. *sigh*

Looks like this is gonna be a busy summer full of playing the waiting game. Hell who knows it might be fun.

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