Morning In New Flag

Well since hitting 50 I’ve had a LOT going on. I’ve been working on getting AP to fill out my PvP/Crafter build. I’ve been working on chips to re-arrange my build. I’ve also been getting in some RP too.

Yep I’ve even had time to pick up my blight wolf mount. Thanks a bunch to La Grenouille and Kyoten for helping me get with enough Medium Rifle Ammunition to grind that rep. You guys are awesome.

Sadly I’m not getting as much RP-PvP in these days which is kinda sad. I really enjoyed that the most. I’ll probably just have to stay in New Flag and stir up some trouble, hehe.

I’m still pumping out some first person style write ups and posting them at the RP-Haven website. Not sure if I want to post those here yet or not. I might eventually.

I should probably also post up some little bio’s on the people involved in those scenarios as well. I work with some real characters lemme tell ya.

The one thing I like about Fallen Earth RP is that it’s pretty gritty. It’s not all heroes battling dragons and crap like that.

You’ve got everything from gun runners to cannibals. People get pretty creative. Yeah there’s some vampire types but you gotta pick your battles.

Not sure why I continued getting into the RP scene. Usually it’s not my thing you know. I mean it’s pretty tough to get into and get used to.

Somehow though I ended up with a character too and she does OK in the scene. I’ve also made some pretty tight friends through this adventure. That’s not something I expected.

It’s also pushed my writing, well creative writing I mean. That’s been awesome. Speaking of which I should probably get some of that done.

Until next time I’ll be getting lost in the wastelands.

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