Sunset in Terminal Woods

Well sadly I missed the podcast and the live chat on Tuesday where there were some pretty serious discussions about where Fallen Earth is gonna be going in the future.

I am kind of worried that they’re thinking about taking the game free to play. Personally the Free to Play model really bugs the crap out of me because it’s a time AND money suck as opposed to just the typical MMO time suck.

It’ll still take you just as long to get anywhere, but now you get to pay all kinds of little transactions to do it.


Also the extended maintenance that lasted through Wednesday was a little friggin annoying. I think they’ve got things straitened out for the most part though it looks like they’re still dealing with issues.

As it is myself and a few of my friends had to defragment the game before we could get it to realize we had an active net connection. How that works is beyond me.

Yeah I know I’m bitching, but right now there isn’t another game on the market I’d rather play and that’s the truth of the matter.

I love the fact that there is not “End Game” in Fallen Earth. I love the fact that I don’t feel like the game is an endless grind, that I can take my time and do things at my own pace. I like the fact that I feel like I can get into some PvP without having the best gear or spec even if I don’t win every match.

I really don’t want to play another game. I’ve found a great community in Fallen Earth and I actually enjoy logging in every day. I can’t say I’ve felt that way about a game in a long time.

Thing is though I know that changes are coming for Fallen Earth. They’re gonna need more subs, they’re gonna want to tweak the game to get and keep more people and make more money. MMO’s may look like a playground from our side, but they are a business after all.

How long would Disneyland stay open if they weren’t making a wad of cash right?

For now I’m going to roll with the changes. And yeah if they do go Free to Play that would mean a little less cash I’d have to pay each month. I’m just hoping that any changes they make in the business model won’t break the game.

You know as in buying pets that last for a set amount of time, renting weapons, having to pay real cash to re-spec, crap like that. Now if they set up a store for vanity items like new tattoos, fancy jackets, crap like that, I’m pretty sure they’ll still make some cash AND they won’t fubar the game mechanics to the point where no one wants to play.

I mean look at Second Life. How much are people willing to pay to have an avatar that looks unique? From what I’ve seen, quite a bit. Granted they might not always come back but hey, you still got their cash while they were there.

It’s better than ruining your base game for the folks you know are going to keep playing right? Well let’s hope they see it that way.

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